Spencer GallagherCEO Cactus - The Agency Growth Consultancy

I am a mentor, non-exec, chairman, consultant and advisor with a successful track record, someone who has **actually** “been there & done it”. I’ve suffered all the pain and successes that growing an agency has at every stage from start-up to post exit delivers.

CEO Cactus - The Agency Growth Consultancy

Author of Agencynomics - Amazon five star rated, best selling Book and Audiobook.

Host of Agencyphonics - Live Vodcast series on YouTube & Podcast.

I started life with no privileges; I started my agency from a purple shed in my late mum’s back garden, after being made redundant with just one month's salary in the bank £4,500 and ended up running a $20m global agency.

I learnt 10% of what I know today having organically scaled an agency, the other 90% has come from helping over 1,000 agencies with their challenges over the past 8 years. I am fortunate to have seen what works & what doesn’t time & time again and I share those insights, the patterns I see, through my daily consultancy work.

That said I have a favourite system that has led to my client average today of 85% average growth per annum delivering 10x growth against my fee, directly and indirectly, I have achieved ROI typically of over 30x value.

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