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We achieve RESULTS for our clients by building successful processes and teams. Using my MAP - Marketing ACTION Program, we make success happen for you. Small or large, startup or internationally recognized, a well defined Sales, Marketing and CRM solution can be the difference between success and failure. Cloud or on premise? We can advise you how to decide and assist with the process.

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You need to practice the webinars alone but in record mode. Using GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar you can practice presenting to yourself or others in your organization. The benefit is you get used to the technical tools to prevent those technical mismanagement issues as well as practicing your pitch. I also mean practice them all the way thru completely. With the proper tools you can and should record them so you can review yourself and/or distribute them as branding materials.

Purchase decisions are made based on presentation and then need. The same products presented in different methods will sell drastically different. Think about this, shirt A & B are identical, Shirt A is presented in a comfortable nice store with a well dressed sales person and Shirt B is neatly folded and layed out in a street vendors trunk. At the same price, shirt A will sell better. The only difference, presentation. This too is the reason a great web store design is needed in the online world.

There are a number of good systems out there but your real needs for that cross communications will determine the choice. One that we use is FreshDesk ( http://freshdesk.com/ ). There are a number of others if you would like to discuss.

Randy Tucker @ TeamAutomation.com

Really depends on your needs. As you may be aware, there are hundreds out there. Some have good feature sets, others are wanting to be feature rich.

There are only a few that really handle email marketing tasks naturally. As a CRM vendor for 25 yrs, your choice really is one of budget, features and needs.

Feel free to contact me.

Randy Tucker @ TeamAutomation.com

I've been in the CRM space for 28+ years and have dealt with so many SFA/CRM/databases/lead management systems that I forget some of them. I can tell you that ANY CRM will do the job. Well not really, just the one that has the base information you need with the power to expand and make deals close. A product you may want to look at is Nimble http://goo.gl/D3OOS . It's low cost ($15/mo/user) and has power to give you intelligence about those leads before you decide how to follow up.

In todays market you must develop relationships not just market, market,market.... People do business with those they "Know, Like and Trust". We've found that Nimble helps with all of those.

Full disclosure: Our group represents Nimble http://goo.gl/D3OOS as a reseller but we deal with quite a number of CRM systems as mentioned. The correct CRM is one that works with your people, process and product.

Here's a demo link for more information. No commitment necessary. http://goo.gl/D3OOS

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