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Who is Kevin Oldham? I am an ordinary guy born with unusual curiosity. Not only am I “crazy curious,” but I am (somewhat) insanely driven to create solutions that make life more enjoyable for myself and others. As your typical “glass half full” and “think outside the box” type, I see endless possibilities. Whether I am waiting at the doctor’s office, running errands, or providing consultative services to paying customers I cannot help but devise strategies… strategies for improving experiences, overcoming obstacles to growth, and simply helping to create possibilities to facilitate lasting enjoyment and remarkable impact.

My diverse career background spans multiple industries and market segments with experience supporting start-ups to world leading organizations. While I have worn many hats over the years, I usually find myself orchestrating the navigation around apparent road blocks or, in some cases, building new gateways and blazing trails. Working with dynamic, talented teams who are committed to innovative ways of thinking inspires me. I welcome the opportunity to push open more doors in search of new possibilities for growth and expansion. Heck, I may just knock the door down. I am curious to explore what’s on the other side!

Background Highlights:

✔Executed award-winning marketing and business development strategies, services, and programs resulting in record-breaking, multi-million dollar growth; clients included: American Express, Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, Target, Toyota, BMW, and others.
✔Passion for understanding customer goals and formulating integrated, multi-channeled strategies to optimize brand position, market value, and competitive advantage.

✔Engaged speaker and thought leader; Instructor/Speaker for 50+ industry and enterprise events, including TEDx.

Specialties: Start-up launches, marketing, advertising, project management, strategic planning, building high performance teams and advisory services.

Recent Answers

My firm went through this exercise and we have now moved from start-up to growth mode after two years.

We launched a highly disruptive real estate brokerage model and went up against incumbents such as Re/Max and Century 21 (deep pockets, market share, long heritage and well known). We quietly built and tested our concept in 5 markets. Once we had a story to tell went out with a megaphone and told the target audience nationally. We are now franchising nationally and have been named the brokerage of the future by the industry resource.

Defining the target audience was an easy exercise in our scenario. If you are launching a mass market product you will want to focus on a sub-segment that is manageable to reach. Build a teaser campaign for that audience and drizzle out benefits over a predefined period of time. Measure, tweak and repeat. Once you are dialed in it is time to go big.

Good luck and please let me know if I can assist. I donate 100% of my fee to JDRF in support of my nephew and other kids who are faced with the challenge. has the most thorough and reliable database of consumer information available. You can drill in further by segmenting demographic, psychographic and geographic variables. Always use any purchased lists with caution to make sure you adhere to the Do Not Call list. Further information can be found at:

The best way is to offer early adopters a discounted rate and lock it in for life. Make it a no-brainer for them with the understanding that they are your beta group and that you will ping them from time-to-time for feedback on concept improvement.

Listing syndication is done via an IDX. You can search for this term and find lots of discussion about the matter, much of it controversial. The source of the listings is through the local or regional MLS. This is a highly competitive market with well capitalized models competing for buyer attention.

Successful case studies that address the pain points of businesses are always a solid approach. If you don't have a case study then you should consider testing your concept prior to developing it. Since restaurants run on relatively thin margins consider a subscription model or monthly payments to make the invest affordable. Good luck!

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