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You're going to have to make a decision to commit and make one of your business work and or go back to work. I'm not making that statement from an employer won't or will hire you; I'm saying it from you only have so much time standpoint. As for is it ok? That's honestly going to depend on your employer. I also don't think there is a problem with saying you took time off to start a business and it didn't work out, in recognition of your gap in employment.

You need to figure out the value proposition for the customer segment you will be serving.

1. So the first thing you are going to do is figure out what problem your app solves for your ideal customer segment.
2. You then need to create and understanding of what activities will be involved for you to provide that value(ex. development of the app or create partnerships with "X").
3. Then you need to study your market
4. Once you have a understanding of the above you can begin to formulate pricing strategies with your segments in mind.

Also, keep in mind this is really important for you, so will the marketing expenditure and the branding, look up churn rates on apps in the first 3 months.

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I would need some clarity around this question, the last part of it doesn't make to much sense. However, the name of the game is seamless flow. Why not figure out the top 5 common pos systems and contact the POS manufacturer. Companies like square offer these type of integration. I'd love to help you sift through this more, so call me to help you get this resolved.

Marketing strategy! During the build of the product you should have been testing how it solves pain points for customers. This would help with clear brand and value alignment. As for acquisition, from the value alignment stage you should have a clear understanding of who your clients are, from their its clear messaging and targeting.

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The tool would be a data analytics tool such as google analytics. However, your churn would depend on where the bounce occurs in your funnel, but you have a problem somewhere in your marketing funnel. This can come from a variety of things, from as simple as better copy to less friction in the funnel. I want to help you work through your problem, call me so we can sort it out.

Just reading this without context would make me say as well you should find another job. However, the truth is, no matter how motivated we are or ambitious, we all go through our ups and downs in the work cycle. No, matter how much you write your goals and tasks, it becomes a possibility. I would tell you before you quit your job, make sure nothing is going on in your personal life, take a vacation, and maybe think out why you don't want to do your work. You could be bored with it; you could not like your boss, perhaps you don't like the work.

Either way, call me; I have been there too, I can help you sift through things!

As for weed them out that would come in the discovery phase before any proposal is submitted and as well having an established buyer persona. A big part is making sure you have true buyer persona established. However, I would submit a conceptual agreement before you submit a proposal and what this does, help align your value with their actual value needs. From there, when you send a proposal, it becomes a lot more personal. Remember, selling is helping you need to find the trigger points to customer pain and find way to align your value with that.

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Reverse engineer the process, I would start figuring out who you're selling to and all the issues that can get in the way of selling to them. Such as regulatory issues, I worked for BMW for 15 years I remember having to code cars going to Canada differently to the ones here in the United States. So first figure out everything that can get in your way of scaling out and in your case a lot of it is going to be regulatory. After that pricing and attention. The automotive industry is plagued with discount culture, so pricing is a huge issue, next is just marketing and delivering on everything you presented as a value.

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Having the same issue, my current approach is try to answer at least one question a day, essentially trying to make it a game of time.

The internet for vendors in your space and then make phone calls. The internet and then LinkedIn for investors in your space.

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