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School of hands-on hard-knocks and practical experience with technology and marketing: CRMs, marketing automation platforms, email marketing, copy-writing and content, voicemail, interpersonal communication, conversion, market segmentation, questionnaires, content development, data modeling, information management, and generally anything that you could use or integrate to help you to organize and convert effectively around your customers' interests. I DO NOT WORK ON SEO OR SOCIALMEDIA MARKETING
Contact me to:
- Get clarity on your customers, objectives and your segments

- Author impactful messages that get responses and cause conversions

- Determine which technologies and platforms to use, how to configure and design them, and how to integrate them

- Identify the right resources or talent to get you up and running efficiently and successfully.

- Increase other's receptivity to your influence
Technology, marketing, and communication are only useful if they are manageable and actually generating new customers, more trust, and a quantity of sales conversions that positively impact your business and your bank account.

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The first thing you're going to want to do is to make an export file from the destination CRM, in your case it's SuiteCRM, and pull it into Excel. What I mean is when you export from the new CRM you will have a comma delimited or Excel file with all of the fields required as column heads on a spreadsheet

To start out the definition of "marketing" has been totally been siewed for the last 10 years. Most young people today think it means advertising online, SEO, and the remainder think it means graphic design and flyers. Just like marketing could mean a lot of things digital marketing can also mean a lot of things. Most newbies in digital marketing are going to be dealing with compiling Analytics, designing ads that someone else gave them specific instructions to create, I'm physically placing, uploading, and deleting ads on various platforms. You can imagine how tedious this all can be, that the Newbie probably doesn't understand the ultimate objectives of the campaign, that the work is very repetitive, and that a lot of mistakes can be made which are there have to be corrected at a large cost or at least managed. Most of these newbies do not know the most fundamental aspects of marketing as a practice: the P's, awareness, emotional drivers, etc. Without that how can they really make the right decisions or understand what they're doing in context? This is a roundabout way of saying most of these entry-level people lack fundamental and foundational knowledge of marketing as a practice, so managers are frustrated because the people they hired really don't understand what they're doing outside of what they're doing

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