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Are you willing to spend months and years to learn how to hypnotize people and Mind reading NLP ? If you do, it will put you among the top 1% of the best poker players in the world. Therefore, it will grant you a higher chance to win poker game.

This is a very good question. In Canada, Quebec, there is something that we call "Contre-Lettre" I believe that is also common in other countries. In order to safeguard your share and assets, you must request a document (counter-Letter) from the notary which stipulate you have ownership of 20% and you will be responsible to pay revenue generated from of this asset. If dispute may occur between you and your co-investor in the future, the law is clear: the counter letter prevails over the apparent contract.

The triple senses.
It does make sense for me to buy Residential RE with your Company. It makes more sense if it's a rental property investment. It makes even more sense if your objective is for retirement and your money is not set in a mutual fund or stock market.

However, please verify with your Local Tax expert and fiscal authority in Ireland.

I don't know about Best Investment in Spain.
But If you are looking for Best RE investment period, it doesn't need to be in Spain, I would do RE investment within the Commonwealth of Nations. If you want to expend in Asia, Japan and Hong Kong would be the best options.
I'm curious, why specifically in Spain?

You can learn more about selling companies by actually taking action and look out potential seller or connecting with Agent who can tell you more about the business. I strongly suggest that you go on field that you already know, have a high understanding. You can negotiate a deal on the terms and conditions with the seller, doesn't necessarily have to be on the price.

Good question but not specific enough to have only one answer. Unfortunately, RE Investment, is not only about buying a stock, REIT. In order to provide the best possible answer. Ask yourself what % do you want to get? Many crowdfunding in RE Investment allows you to get a Higher return but your money is stack in the project for a longer period. Compare to REIT you can buy and sell it at anytime but the price of the stock will fluctuate. As for the amount of 2k, I would invest this money to my own education and skill, which allows me to generate more and then invest in RE.

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