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Co-founder of Call Loop and Automize. We built Call Loop, AutoTeleseminar, and AutoWebinar. All marketing automation apps for small businesses.

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Information products are the easiest and the quickest path to doing $50k/mo. Solve a real problem, find jv partners and affiliates, and launch your product. We recently launched a $25k/mo business ... all information and video training. Software is HARD.

Its very possible. Although you should show a track record of success. My company needed a developer and did a 75/25 split with my developer cofounder and it worked out great. Others I've done 5% + a discounted hourly.

You need a cofounder that believes in the vision, the product, and most importantly you! Without that its going to be difficult to have someone jump ship for free.

When doing a product launch it's important that you follow a formula for getting the most out of it. Usually a launch consists of 3 content videos and 1 last sales video, which wraps it up and closes the sale. The content videos lead up to and help answer and solve the problems the market is having.

For attracting GOOOD affiliates, they look a few things:

1. Relationship - Being new to the market and no one knowing you, you have some ground to prove. You can combat this with fantastic marketing.

2. Commissions - Good affiliates are in it for the money and look at EPC (earnings per click) for the promotion. So before attempting to recruit the big boys, test the promotion first with paid traffic and get some core metrics to entice them.

3. The Quality - Warrior type folks are $5 buyers, not $500 buyers, so if that's your market (which is a start) keep your product cheap or else no one will buy. That market is cheap.

4. Build a solid Funnel - For a product launch to make sense for any affiliate it can't just be 1 sale, it should contain upsells, oto's, downsells, and potentially continuity. Get thinking of your upsell opportunities and products.

Lots more to learn. So get implementing!

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