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We believe companies should be excited by their business, not overwhelmed by it. We help companies with the technical issues they have within their business. We help you with anything from your website fixes/changes, marketing services, computers, and technology support. We also provide consulting & strategist sessions to discuss ways to use technology to help improve your business and processes. --- Former Partner at,, and --- Virginia Pilot Article --- Junior Achievement:

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I wouldn't necessarily look for someone that has a business coach. I will look more for a consultant that specializes in your industry. You need someone that can help you improve your internal processes such as cost, production time, profit, etc.

Get out of your head. You're talking yourself out of something before you even get started. Not many people are good or even like customer support. I personally don't. However it's part of the job and you have to learn how to become better at it as you go. Just take the risk and start your business. If it doesn't work out then you take what you learned from it and start another one.

Just do it. You're over thinking which is killing you. Just start and build as you go. When I started I had NO clue how to do anything but fix computers. I didn't know how to network or gain more customers. I just went out there and network my tail off and learned as I went. Talking to random people at an event was not in my comfort zone. Now, I kill it every time I go.

Bottom line, just start. Fear is fake. If it's not going to kill you then it's all made up in your head.

It would be best to get your own business account with your name as a DBA so you can deposit clients checks. That way your expenses are written out as a business expenses.

As for putting funds into your business you can do that. Most businesses owners fund their own business until they have cash from clients. I've done that before when I had to pay for a business expensive but didn't want to use my personal cards.

It is best to keep everything separate. Mixing business and personal assets can become a mess. If you ever got sued someone could pierce the corporate veil that way too.

Could take some of what Patrick Bet-David mentions in his videos.

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You won't have any issues as long as your site does not slow down because of your new host. Matt Cutts had a video back in 2009 (I think) that says the IP and the host won't effect your ranking.

With Gmail you can also set reply base on which email was sent. So example if they emailed you can set to to reply back from that email and not your main Gmail or Google Apps email.

By not focusing on being the CEO for the name and focus on your customers, employees, and the services you offer.

Some people it's security. They're afraid that their credit card information will be stolen. Personally, I pay everything online.

You also have the older generation that feel more safe writing a check and paying a bill online.

Honestly depends on where you want to be in the next 5 years and if you want to keep paying monthly for a system along with how much customization you want.

Hosted solutions you are limited to the features and plugins they offer you. When I say hosted solutions I mean Shopify, bigcommerce, magento go, Volusion.

Personally for all of our e-commerce clients we use Magento Community or Enterprise edition. The advantages of this are they own the site once it's down. The hosted solutions you're paying for space on their server but if you every want to leave you have to start all over on a new system. Magento is a very popular system and is owned by Ebay.

This is part of a blog post that I wrote but have not punished yet because it still needs some editing.

What about the hosted solutions Volusion, Big Commerce, Magento Go, etc?

While can build sites for Magento Go and Big Commerce we still like using Magento Community and Enterprise editions over any hosted solution. Main reason is with those platforms you don't have access to the code and you cannot make custom modifications. Also, their extensions, plugins, mods community is not as large. Here is a real life example...Most of my customers want their product SKU number to be displayed on the product and category pages. Since it is just PHP code I can just place the code where it needs to go and it will display. I have not found a way to do this on Magneto Go or Big Commerce. The bottom line is those systems are hosted solutions and you physically do not own the site just the content on it. With Magento CE or EE you own the site. The site is 100% yours and you can do whatever or move it to whomever you want. There are no limitations (except Magento does own the code to their software).

It comes down to what you want to do and where you want to be in 5 years. Do you want to own your site or pay a monthly fee along with do you want custom add-ons. Magento has a huge list of addons you can add to your site simple stuff like social media logins for facebook and twitter. Possibilities are pretty endless with Magento unlike the hosted solutions that give you what they want to give you.

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