Tamás VargaI'll help you to find potential growth hacks.

I have ten+ years of comprehensive 360 marketing experience (in both digital & traditional ad) across telecom, healthcare/pharma, financial services, and FMCG.

Prior to that, I was working on the Budapest Stock Exchange, Cofidis, FrieslandCampina, IT Services Hungary, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, MKB Bank, Pfizer, Richter Gedeon, Shell and UPC accounts.

Results showed me that I have the ability to grow your international network with industry stars, double your product/service prices, set foot in the US market, 15X your numbers in search, 3X your monthly website visitors, raise your monthly inquiries, and put you on magazine covers (especially on Forbes).

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Don't start to burn money until you’ve determined not only that you have a great product*, but that your product is compelling to its target market.

*People are talking about you, sharing their experiences online, buying your stuff and giving you positive reviews.

Make sure you have a great marketing guy from the start to build your brand and help you to find opportunities to grow and identify low-hanging fruits.

You don't need to draw traffic to your website, write blog posts, or engage people on fucking Facebook. You need to work on logos and make money. Find potential clients with a crappy logo and DM them.

Create a simple logo in photoshop using a font. Zero cost. But, it's worth hiring a designer. If you don't know any, just hit the #logodesign hashtag on instagram and DM the one you liked most and offer the money you have.

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