Douglas Craver3 tech exits over 8 years.

An entrepreneur with a hyper-focus on hiring right, managing risk, and reducing waste for the startups/ESVs I work in, coach, advise and invest in. 3 tech exits, one in 2014, one in 2016, one in 2022 + too many failures to list.

Creating value by sharing my knowledge and building ventures with smart people. International experience working with founders and their startups from India to South Africa and in-between.

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Any business model that is sustainable through a pandemic is the only one I would consider. Make sure you start something that won't need bailed out by your government. And with cyber terrorism on the rise your systems better be as secure as possible.

Continue working on your startup. Finding a co-founder is over rated and doesn't solve any problems. Believe in attraction vs increasing the risk and waste in your startup by looking for a co-founder.

Yes. Otherwise, you'll waste too much time trying to get your idea across. Speed is your friend.

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