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DBA (c) SSBM Geneva | International Speaker | Global Business Strategy & Blockchain Lawyer | Patent Attorney | Corporate Coach & Trainer | Crypto Token Legal Opinion | B-School Faculty | Global Economy & Emerging Markets

I have issued several legal opinions (LO) regarding token qualifications over the past few years covering all the major jurisdictions covering Singapore, HK, UK, USA, Malta, Nevis, BVI etc, which have been used by clients across various exchanges globally.

As founder of HashChain Consulting Group LLC (USA) and a doctoral research scholar (Focus areas: Blockchain, Crypto, Law and Data Science), at SSBM Geneva , I work closely with clients to execute legal opinion projects across global markets, including additional services like exchange submission documents, investor agreements, blockchain patents, international trademarks etc.

International Speaker, Author, Blogger, Technology Savvy Patent Attorney & Corporate Lawyer with 15+ years of work experience in Asia Pacific, US & Europe

Strong technical background with specialisation in Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Foreign Direct Investment, Tech Transactions, Patent Protection, Patent Licensing, Patent Claims Drafting, Patent Specification Writing, Patent Enforcement

Quoted in and contributed to 50+ national & international publications (Bloomberg, FirstPost, SwissInfo, Outlook Money, Yahoo News, Times of India, Economic Times, Business Standard, Quartz, Global Legal Post, International Bar Association, LawAsia, BioSpectrum Asia, Digital News Asia, e27, Leaders Speak, Entrepreneur India, VCCircle, AutoTech)

Regularly invited to speak at international & national platforms (conferences, TV channels, seminars, corporate trainings, government workshops) on technology, patents, business strategy, legal developments, leadership & management

Working with global patent attorneys, corporate lawyers & major international law firms for representing leading clients worldwide (corporations, universities, startups, investors) in diverse industry sectors (Aviation, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare, Finance, Artificial Intelligence, B2B & B2C Digital Tech, Telecommunications, Software, Mobile Apps, 3D Printing, Drones, FinTech, Fashion, Sports, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemicals, Semiconductors, Optics, Blockchain, Nutraceuticals, Clean Energy, Agriculture, Travel, Medical Devices, Gaming Platforms, Social Networking, Nanotechnology, Data Analytics, Chat bots, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, Driverless Cars, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Mobile Payments, High Tech)

Expertise – Patent Strategy, Intellectual Property Portfolio Creation & Management (Designs, Copyrights, Trademarks, Brands), Due Diligence, Corporate Structuring, International Business Strategy (Shareholding, IP ownership, Agreements & Contracts)

Rahul Dev is a patent attorney and technology corporate lawyer with expertise in incorporating and expanding businesses across Asia for serving clients in the US, Europe, UK and Asia Pacific.

Rahul is regularly invited to speak at various international conferences and to conduct workshops for private and public sector, including senior government officials, corporations, executives, students, entrepreneurs and startups.

His strong technical background combined with comprehensive business and legal skills form backbone of his global consulting services.

Technology Savvy Patent Attorney & Corporate Lawyer with 10+ years of experience in Asia Pacific, US & Europe

International Speaker, Author & Blogger with expertise in Law Firm Leadership & Practice Management

Strong technical background with specialisation in Patent Protection, Licensing & Enforcement, Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Foreign Direct Investment & Tech Transactions in South East Asia covering consulting for global patent Attorneys:

Patent drafting & filing for B2C & B2B digital products

Protection of Mobile App’s Intellectual Property via Patents, Copyrights, Website Terms & Vendor Contracts

Wearable device’s patent portfolio protecting hardware, dashboard, app & data analytics software

Medical device patentability analysis, prior art search, provisional & complete patent drafting, patent claims & patent drawings, patent filing in India, PCT, USPTO & EPO, responding to USPTO, UKIPO, MyIPO (Malaysia) & SIPO (Singapore) office actions

Patent Landscape & Patentability Studies for innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI & Chat bots), Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, Driverless Cars, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Drones, Mobile Payments (Digital Wallet) & FinTech

Assisting Clients with Complex Patent Issues: Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, Patent Office Examinations, Patent Prosecution, Patent Due Diligence & Patent Litigation Strategy

Patent Strategy for International Patents, USPTO Filings, Drafting Office Action Response, Patent Reexaminations & Reissue Proceedings, Appeals to PTAB, Patent Office Trials, Inter Partes Review, Post-grant Review, Covered Business Method Patents, Interferences, Derivations & Appeals of PTAB Trial Decisions

European Patent Practice, Patent Oppositions, Appeals, EPO Third Party Observations, Central Limitation and Revocation, Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC) & United Kingdom (UK) Patent Practice Advisory

Contact: http://clarity.fm/rdpatentlawyer

Specialties: Litigation, Patent Litigation, Patent Infringement, Corporate & IP Strategy, Startups: Incorporation, Funding, Brand Management, Contracts & Agreements, Legal Research, SWOT, Corporate Governance, Due-diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, Antitrust & Competition Laws, Regulatory Affairs, Freedom-to-Operate, Patent Drafting, Claim Drafting, Patent Searches, Office Actions Response, USPTO Patent appeal briefs, Patent Invalidation Analysis, Patent Opposition, Product-Claim Mapping, Patent Enforcement

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What about other clauses in the contract? Usually such agreements included provisions regarding scope of work, termination etc.

Both the founders should have clarity with regards to ownership of the technology, product, corresponding IP (patents, trademarks) and terms of licensing.

One way is to assign all rights to the company, file all patents, trademarks on behalf of the company, and the execute licensing agreement as a legal entity (company) and not individually.

With a view to safeguard interest of each co-founder, you can also execute co-founders agreement among yourselves that will define all terms of collaboration, and what will happen in case one founder decides to exit midway.

Hope this is helpful. For further advice, feel free to get in touch.


In addition to valuable suggestions made by Tom, you can also consider protecting various brands by way of trademarks and create a strong trademark portfolio. Once done, you can easily exclude trademark ownership rights from investment, and include licensing or assignment as and when required, along with appropriate terms and conditions.

Hope this helps.


As a general practice, it is advisable to license the patent rights instead of assigning the complete patent. This way, you will have control over the invention (technology) and in case anything does not go the way it was expected to go with investors, you will retain the patent rights and corresponding license rights can be revoked.

Obviously, such licensing will require a suitable patent licensing agreement, including provisions related to scope, term, royalty, and the like.

In case you wish to discuss this further, feel free to get in touch.

Best Regards,

Rahul Dev


Given the broad nature of question, I would suggest talking directly to consumers and see their reaction towards such product. It may require some modifications based on consumer's feedback.

Once you zero in on what is exactly required, you can talk to industry experts with regards to launching the MVP and an IP Lawyer to protect corresponding rights.

Hope this helps.


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