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Sandi Amorim is an instigator and champion for freedom; a coach and writer committed to liberating you from your limiting beliefs and 'someday thinking.' Her work provides an excavation of what's stopped you, followed by a deep experience of freedom. She has a passion for personal development with a strong focus on tangible, real-world results that make a difference for her clients in ways they often can't predict. This sneak attack makes her very happy!

She shares her views (and slightly mad twist on personal development) at

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Some key differences to consider:
- Coaching is based most often on a monthly retainer. Mentoring can be as well, but is usually offered without a fee, often based on a personal request or referral.
- Coaches rarely give advice, coming from the perspective that the client has the answers within. Empowering yes, but there are times when you just want someone to give you a straight answer or share their experience. Mentors (and consultants) provide this more naturally.

I've worked with entrepreneurs who've had both, and I've done so myself. If you're looking for personal development within your business, I'd lean towards coaching. If you're more after advice and experience, I'd look for a mentor. Both are helpful and can make the world of difference in the right circumstances.

I shift the focus from balance to satisfaction. There are times when you have to pull off the crazy hours to do what needs to be done. Follow that up with a period of downtime and self-care, and you've got a pretty solid foundation. If however, you're working those hours every week, I'd suggest a good hard look at your values, as something's likely being compromised.

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