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My name is Jack D Thomson I am the founder of JD Thomson & Associates and Head Consultant I have always been fascinated with marketing and the great ways you can use it. I have managed global marketing campaigns in my career as a CMO, Marketing Strategist, or Consultant … sometimes all three.

I just wanted to welcome you to our website and share a bit about me and my story

At my core, I am a Marketer … Creator, Fellow Business Owner. I have experience as a Digital & Traditional marketer.

I come from a working-class British background. When I was growing up, I was fascinated with two thing music and marketing industry. As time want on, I started to learn to use several professional Graphic Design, Sound Design and Video Editing Softwares. While studying I begin creating websites and marketing them to make money. I started by doing small bits and moved on to full marketing campaigns and website design. Through this, I developed my skills as an all-around creative using digital software & technology.

Over the years, I’ve managed online sales marketing and communication campaigns for a variety of companies. In the same year, MPH Creative Digital Marketing Agency, a very well respected Marketing, Media and Design Agency in the UK contracted me as a Digital marketing strategist allowing me to help and improve many different companies and their digital communications sales presence.

I co-managed Art management company “Quite Useless” doing a series of Art Shows with high visibility PR campaigns, with companies like Vogue, ELLE UK, Wall Street Journal and Evening Standard Online.

I am currently working as CMO on a new platform “The Blockchain Art Exchange” that uses blockchain to empower the artists and individuals.

I still provide services with JD Thomson as Head Consultant to help businesses all over the world Via Consulting and other services.

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GoDaddy is not great and if your a developer I would go for a different option as go-daddy maybe restricted for you.


I would say Email Outreach is a good input strategy for your funnel and HR or Business directors are your best bets.

a great sales funnel for this would be

1st level:
Being email outreach

2nd level:
A great visually stunning Landing page with a Facebook pixel

The 3rd level:
Re-marketing Ads to advertises to the interested people who click.

Hope this helps

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