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Application and documentation services assisting businesses, ministries, churches or organizations that want to be come a recognized tax exempt non-profit organization. We are nationwide and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Services in delivering quality documentation for a quick approval.

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I believe you want to first state with your name registration in which state you are in and taking a trip to your state sales tax office first. If not, check with your state comptroller to discuss international business taxes, rules and regulations. You should be able to work just as a normal business, however, importing items internationally for sales online or drop-shipping maybe an option for you and also save you money. I hope this information is helpful.

I believe the most important detail in asking someone to be a board of director for your organization is to make sure that their immediate level of commitment is where you need it or expect it to be.

In choosing a BOD they need to be active in whatever area they are creative and that most benefits the organization. You may have those BOD's that are there for guidance and counseling, but for those who are on board and are with your mission 85% - 100%, then you should have expectations, requirements that tap into their trait, quality, or talent and utilize their uniqueness to build your organization.

I hope this information has been helpful? Please give me a call to further your plans to build your non-profit. I also work with others who can assist you with fundraising ideas!


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