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Founder of Mimiran, an online proposal application, so I see lots of sales proposals. Also help companies from startups to F500 on sales and pricing strategy.

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My personal peeves with CRM:
1. No support for actually closing the deal. (Full disclosure, this is partly why I created Mimiran Online Proposals ( to get you from "can you send me a proposal?" to deal closed.)

2. Too much manual data entry (SFDC, looking at you). Too much time and effort having to manually track, vs actually trying to sell. Then the VP of sales wonders why the reports don't look right.

Have a template that defines the project's goals, the plan (who does what, and when), the price, and any terms and conditions. Then, ask the prospect what they would like to see in the proposal. If they don't know, or completely agree with what you already have, just use your template. If they say "I need to show XYZ to get approval", make sure you include XYZ.

This is a pretty vague question, but in general, if you are pricing "correctly" as an expert, it's really easy to change your pricing, because you're pricing based on value.

Changing prices can have a huge impact on profit (and quality of life). Take a few minutes and read through these blog posts (there are 4, starting with this one:

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