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Leverage LinkedIn Marketing platform to fill up your pipeline. Deliver an irresistible downloadable empathetic to their needs/pain points and deliver it via an Inmail and sponsored post campaign that informs but doesn't sell. Target by industry, title, geographic, company size overlays. Capture pixels from Google, Facebook, Twitter on your download landing page to facilitate retargeting on the clicks.

Ignore LinkedIn's suggested bids and turn off auto bidding, start at the minimum and lift it slowly. Check your demographic chart to be sure that job titles are CMO/Marketing directors.

Good luck!

Engagement starts with value of the thesis. People make an "economic" decision with their attention. Are you offering something greater than the next thing - it's only a click away.

You've asked a lot of questions here. And I can say that these approaches are all valid.
> companies that bury their blog are often tentative about it. Someone in the company has decided that it doesn't warrant attention - perhaps it's not ready for prime time.
> Industry-wide stand-alone publications work for some niches, but if you're talking about paper, they are old-school and dying. Digital magazines are one option I've used.
> Stand-alone blogs exist, but from an SEO point of view are usually a bad idea because your domain name equity gets spread across two sites, diluting it. For most, it's best to utilize the main domain name for all content, with subfolders for industry verticals.
> Hubspot like sites are curation oriented, and if you have the manpower to develop curation to your industry, they can pay off because you save people time and energy by focusing the news. Most, sadly, are horribly done.
> Content structure is hard to answer, but I recommend that you not stray too far from the path of blog convention - people are used to a certain approach - categories, tags, subscriptions, etc.
> Content itself is where most people DIE in blogging. Simply stated, they are publishing *crap* and you must avoid it. I've done a lot of thinking about this, and the slog of content marketing. Rather than repeat a bunch of advice here, I invite you to see these URLs where I've given it some proper thinking:

I would be pleased to answer if you'd add some clarifications. What kind of marketing on LinkedIN? Content marketing? Paid Promotion? And, since I've heard 100s of them, what is your definition of a landing page? A conversion-specific "squeeze" page? Or a page holding a valuable piece of content meant to whet the visitors information appetite?

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