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People thought twitter would fail to monetize so nobody wanted to copy something that had no idea how it could work either.

Practice. Practice. Practice. You will improve. Do you have people to practice with who can give you feedback?

Start with genuine interactions that you follow up with at the conference an online. Start networking now and then plan to deepen connections at conference. Whatever you do don't try to meet as many people as possible and then have little time to follow up due to so many.

You are not ready to start yet. Execution is scary. Sometimes people stall and make excuses like-not right idea or partners or no money etc. truth is when the passion strikes nothing will stop you. You need that drive to succeed. Be honest with yourself. Also be open and patient and when the time is right you will do it. You seem very passionate and motivated so I think you will know when you know. Until then enjoy whatever job until you are ready for the leap. Start with a small problem you personally want to solve for yourself. See if that solution has a market while you work on the cheapest and leanest prototype. Good Luck.

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