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Director of Online Marketing at Kinsights after successfully leading the content initiatives and inbound marketing efforts to help Creative Market become acquired by AutoDesk.

In the business of creating awesome websites, platforms, and communities and optimizing them for conversions.

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Here's my philosophy, when you're doing something you love, that you're passionate about there never seem to be enough hours in the day...when you're not into it or passionate about it , you can't wait for the day to end. At least that's my personal experience where there can be day to variances and some days we all just need a break.

I think entrepreneurs should fit time for creativity and coming up with ideas, working on product, and making new connections into their week. Making contacts and connections is probably the most important thing...they're the most helpful. At the end of the day it's not always what you know unfortunately, it's who you know.

Then, at the end of the day you need to take time for YOU. Rest, watch a movie, sleep. That's usually when you'll get your best ideas, when you're not trying to have them.

I think having a strong sense of determination is important and drive is important as well. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that left school simply because the education system wasn't right for them. I think this is a complex question, on one hand doing well in school can be helpful you learn a lot, gain skills but those can be acquired outside school. Unfortunately a lot of students learn material just to pass tests in school and get by, actually long term valuable learning is less frequent. So i think the education system is flawed...and while having the structure of school was beneficial for me I can say school was valuable but I learned 100x more outside of school

1. Ask for testers on twitter
2. stumbleUpon - always drives traffic
3. Put an ad up on craigslist
4. Send email invites to friends and tell them to pass it on for people to beta test something exciting
5. Post to

What makes your platform different? How does it solve a problem? What makes it unique? Why should people use your service over others? Think these questions through and then work on partnerships. What news sources are you aggregating and why? Reach out to sources, tell them you're featuring them and why. Be a place that all the news is coming together in one place for a REASON

Online marketplaces are typically valued by revenue, community engagement and potential. What is the company's current growth, what is the rate of growth, what is the market share potential, how it is the market, and what are the opportunities that the company affords. These all play a part in valuation. What is the reach? How many subscribers, users, etc all play a part

To be entirely honest at small startups you don't always have a big team, you don't always have a lot of resources, you simply have a few people who get to know the product really really well and figure out the best ways for user acquisition. What you really need is an awesome marketer who can craft an incredible content strategy and get your site in front of people, you need to then pair this person with a growth developer who can focus on helping the marketer with ab testing, site optimization things and marketing initiatives. Each role plays a separate but important part. Would love to know more about what you're trying to do and your current market. I'm a big fan of MOZ products and optimizely. Let me know if you want to talk strategy

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