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As materials and especially polymer experts, we’ve worked on dozens of recycled plastic products.

The key first is what your product is and finding the right firms to source from relative to the desired performance and other requirements.

Often, the best strategy with said supplier regards protyping and it testing materials at low to ever increasing percentages. Far easier to begin with increasing content than 100%.

Next, post industrial recycled is far more reliable and consistent in composition, performance and quality. Post industrial are the defective parts, trimming, over molding and other scrap left over from day making a part or a product at a factory. The volumes can be huge and while many recycle their own, some find it easier to collect it and sell it to a third party for reprocessing.

Post consumer is different and usually the contamination means it’s going to repurposing, day bottles to plastic lumber or hidden furniture parts often with lower performance requirements.

As a close, color is often an issue and so most are made black and then are used in hidden parts again or coextruded for example with the outer color as desired and the interior is recycled.

Happy to help.

Why do you want one? What is your business?

Sometimes, rather than a cofounder, what are really looking for are advisors, mentors.

On the other hand, if you have an idea, but clearly need to add folks, you are going to have find someone who will fit and may want you, if you are that bedding of skill, to step aside from a professional point of view.

Then there’s simply resources. In that case it’s cash, capabilities.

In all cases, you not an earn in versus just a sudden loss of equity and or control. Could be over years and accelerated by achieving milestones and or actual cash and other resources.

Happy to have a deeper discussion, but without business knowledge, knowing who you are and what you are doing, not much can be advised honestly beyond what I just elucidated.

Have a customer for your customer who want the product with your stuff in it badly along with that initial prospect. You can demo and pitch and present stuff all you want. If you’ve got that kind of market interest depth and validation, you’ll get money assuming the right projected business model. Realize they can replace you - they can’t replace an invalidated idea.

First, forget the software, the apps, the consultants. It’s silly, to be candid. It’s the message, it’s simplicity, it’s validation and powerful differentiation expressed as simply as possible. My record is $7mm in 90 seconds on one slide. One. Ignore the hype. Please.

The best bang for your buck is to buy the series of books by Jerry Weissman on Amazon, starting with Oresentibg to Win and view all of his videos on YouTube.

Realize, no pitch deck will help if you do t know your own pitch, business, differentiation, have prospects, customers, etc... the folks you pitch too likely have seen thousands and if you think spinning logos, fancy graphics will help you’re done before you started.

Five slides - that’s it. Starting with the one line wow, pitch that pulls it all together - the business case, the idea, the completion, the validation.

Can we help with that? Yes. We’ve raised $100mm and much much more than that the other way - through leveraged, validating resource laden relationships with simple, elegant pitches starting with those one liners.

The first thing is what is your startup? What’s do you have? The pitch, the idea, the model, the others no one unless they just want to get your mo eh can help you here blind about the startup.

So pitch the folks here first. If you’ve got something good, powerfully differentiated with protection, any kind of validation plus support in your ecosystem - not just prospects but their customers as well buying in, suppliers, etc..,, then it’s far easier to get help on resources.

Notice what I said - resources. Do not ever make the assumption to go by the book. That’s wrong. The best ideas almost always attract resources - sponsoring cash, facilities, research, supply and prospect support, customers customer support. Many times you can go very far without ever needing to raise formal capital and especially from angels or VCs. The more you need that the sooner, the more likely you are less validated, not vetted or that you are inna complex, longer time and resource intensive venture.

To the former, in manufacturing, devices and materials and allied services across medical, CPG and industrial markets, we help with the finer strategy, the deals and the appropriate reach through to connections, pitching, planning and formal if needed fundraising and debt financing.

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