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European college background. Brand strategy and Brand Identity consultant. Brand names creator. Deep knowledge of the Brazilian market - consumers and competitors.
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After 40 years managing designers, I have a diferent point of view.
First class designers are not gamblers. I do not know any reliable designer that will accept a risk condition and sustain the drive to commit himself aoo%.
Do not make such an error. Invest in design and your start up will give your expected future profit.
If you want to discuss my view, do not hesitate to call me.
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To create a brandname is a difficult task. But to create a domain name is an easy tax if you have the experience requested to saik in the complex word of Internet address.
A good vendor of Internet domain names is "godaddy". They will offer you dozen of names, but they wii not create an unique solutions.
Please feel free to call me, I am sure that in 3 hours we will find together your effective domain name.
My phone number is +55 11 984922366 Marco Rezende

I have been coordinating succesful rebranding launches for the last 30 years, from 500s to small size brands.
After though times, your team morale should be very low. This is te moment to create a charismatic brand, that will motivate your internal and external stakeholders. The launche needs content, and leverage results. Let's transform your potential into real call to action.
I am quite excited to have a call on this pressing matter.

What will happen when your business become an aquisition candidate? Will you sell your name as the brandname? The personal name may become a gray point to your possible Buyer?

I will be glad to have a conversation with you n that issue.

A new brandname is associated with a new entity. If you do not want ti lose your past brand recognition, plan ahead. well in advance, inform your stakeholders about your renaming process. Keep both names - the old and the new - living together in your web messages, for at least six months. A well planned and executed renaming process is the key to keep your practice healthy. If you want to know more, I will be happy to help you. I have a strong backgound on health brands.

When it comes to Naming an existing business we have to be more right to the point. No BS.
My recomendation to you is keep alive the DNA of your current name and revitalize it.
How to do it?

Alternative 1. Hire a Naming professional, someone with an impressing and relevant portfolio.

Alternative 2, Create yourself a new name: "scramble" your current name, combining letters and silabes. In hours you will get several name possibilities, hundreds.

Make a first selection,Ccheck the legal and domain names, Check the linguistics in all your future markests idioms. When you have the 10 possible candidates get my consultancy for a profisional evaluation. Then, take a firm decision. The dame is over. Les jeux sont faites.

Go ahead, you got a new KODAK brandname!. Enjoy !

A name is an achor. It gets stronger as the time passes as your brand equity grows. The decision "rename!" is imperative only when it becomes an objective imperative. Otherwise, there are several ways to overcomes minor issues. There is no general rule, each case is a case. Please let me know more about your name and business reasons to rename. I will be more than happy to help you Marco Rezende

BRANDING IS NO A BLACK AND WHITE FIELD. iT IS ART AND SCIENCE. You need experience, as I have after more than 30 years serving small to large brands

The idea of a fixed color for a logo is valid for medium or large size corporations. A start up may be smart and client focused.
The logo color is an instrument to talk to the customer heart. As long as it is consistent and planned in advance, a logo may have a color palette (an expessive one) and use it according to diferent audience. There is exempoles of Fortune 500s logo that follows such policy, for exemple: Apple, Citi, Coca Cola, Yahoo, Googlr.

This is what I call the Camaleon Law. In America, use red and blue, in Brasil, yellow and green, and so on.

I will be very happy to give you insight about how to build an effective brand identity.

Marco Rezende

Deciding factors:

1. Past experience general portfolio: what are your best cases?
2. Past experience in the industry.
3, Project team that will develop your project.
4. Personal statements "why this project excites you?"
5. Your benchmarks for this project?

I would never request any for free work. Yhat is unprofessional.

Please count on me to review the pichers proposal and portfolio.

Just send them by email and we will review them - conference call.


To become a first rate consultantt, become a first rate pro, before anything else.

If you are bright enough, get a position in a premier accounting firm. Get 10 year experience, a sound one. In the meantime, develop an effective network and prospect clients.

Then and only then, start your own consultancy. Good luck!

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