Jessica SperlichAustralian Entrepreneur. Passionate about digital.

My role as director at Bison, is an exciting and very challenging one! Working with rail, road, mining and construction clients, we specialise in time lapse photography and construction site management, providing daily still images, the best in HD video, interactive presentations and original music.

I founded Bison United in 2004 with a goal to bring something new to the media scene. We continue to be independently owned, with a focus on great design and advanced technology. Our production studio is based in Melbourne, Australia with a team of photographers, designers, producers, animators, and musicians who all share a passion for translating complex ideas into engaging and intelligent entertainment. We specialise in urbanisation because it's exciting, also are committed to support a number of environment projects.

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Rising at sunrise and committing to writing for a minimum of 30 minutes. Stream of consciousness writing brings up a variety of new ideas and helps solidify goals be it for the day ahead, month or long term. Having a short and long term personal goal list (on hand and easily referred to) is inspiring and keeps you focussed on the big picture.

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