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At TrainSignal we generated over $35M revenue via SaaS & e-commerce business before selling the bootstrapped business in 2013. I specialize in scaling a company through marketing, sales/biz dev, exceptional recruiting and cultures and operations.

After TrainSignal I joined another startup, ContextMedia and scaled them from roughly 80 employees to over 400. I helped lead marketing, recruitment and operations as Chief of Staff.

Named to Inc. Magazine's list of fastest growing companies in America from 2008 through 2013 at TrainSignal and in 2015 and 2016 at ContextMedia. I'm also a regular contributor to

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Given our recent highs, a correction or negative trend is most likely coming up in the next six months. Obviously nobody can predict the market correctly, but that's my opinion.

Aligned interests and motivations are key for this to be successful. First and foremost, who and how will this be funded? If you'd like to create a team to execute on multiple startup ideas at the same time, they'll want to be compensated as you'll have no traction or revenue day one. Also, the best people you'll want on your team might not be interested, as the best like solving difficult problems and now throwing sh*t against the wall and seeing if it'll stick.

With a local business, like a meditation studio that's been organically, it's a matter of identifying what has been the key driver to your organic growth. Do you survey (formally or informally) all your new clients and ask them how they heard about you? Is it word of mouth/referrals? Online? I always advise to first zero in to what's been helping you grow already and try to put more efforts into driving that. I'd love to dig into this more with you.

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