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You would be pleasantly surprised to see some of the data on how boomers, and separately, senior citizens use digital platforms today.

My first question is, what is your platform exactly and are you selling a service, a commodity, or any other type of product?

Understanding these fundamentals can help initially weed out unnecessary market channels and help you focus on those that are more relevant to your audience.

Furthermore, and beyond this, you can get down to micro details on how to properly target market your business to your audience.

Please reach out with any questions!

Have you had any meetings with buyers for retail distribution? Projection is difficult because the success of the product honestly depends on your external ability to market and more importantly, how accessible the retailer allows your product to be at the store level.

Are you seeking direction on how to technically create the site? Have you settled on volution as your e-comm platform of choice? From what I have read and seen of volution, it's a great choice for those without any deep implied e-commerce needs

I think many B2B customers are using apps for internal collaboration and cloud communication. From a B2C perspective, the same could be applied (sales communicating with marketing) but they are also seeking creative methods of channeling their brands into the social realm while masking that intent with a purpose built app related to their product.

The sky's the limit with this. A very untapped market.

Both platforms are exceptionally simple by design and from a UX standpoint which entices use. There are some stark differences between the two however. One is meant for global social engagement, the other is more directly personal with no public history behind the actions.

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