Carles LatorreInternational Sales consultant

international sales and business consultant with experience spanning the US, EMEA and LATAM and fluency in Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian, French and Portuguese. Experience in domestic and international sales and marketing to help organizations start up, grow and consolidate into new markets worldwide in confident, adaptable and competitive way.

With Expertise in startups, new business development, marketing, strategic planning, P & L responsibility, market intelligence, KPI achievement, customer relations, performance management. Excellent presentation, resource management and commercial sales skills. Multicultural experience providing vision, hiring, recruiting, managing and coaching sales teams, while increasing market share and brand enhancement to help the bottom line through strategic sales, product development, negotiating and best practices and policies implementation.

Record of accomplishment for research and forecasting of appropriate industry and customer trends. Exceptional in developing strong relationships and alliances with channel partners. Equal success in launching marketing initiatives with strong focus on product portfolio management and brand equity.

Organizations that typically hire me…
• May not be achieving revenue goals.
• Have eroding profit.
• May not have an international presence.
• Are not winning new customers.
• Have difficulty penetrating new markets.
• Suffer from a high turnover with sales team.

With success in developing new business opportunities globally, I can add value by…
• Analyzing market strengths to uncover new customers.
• Bolstering profit margins by ensuring costs are controlled and price points are correct.
• Designing and implementing new sources of revenue streams.
• Conducting research and developing new opportunities to increase global presence.
• Leading start up initiatives to penetrate new markets.
• Ensuring sales teams are focused on the goals to success.

Leading organizations to national and global growth.

Recent Answers

Differentiation is the key. Absolutely yes if you can offer some kind of differentiation to the customers (extra added value, added services, features...)

Godaddy would not be my first option of choice, they have a lot of associated services that can help you grow, like the smartline feature, however, on the functionality and design sides, they tend to fall short, at least in my opinion.
I would recommend to look at they offer plenty of personalization, easy integration with 3rd party softwares, usefull apps and much more.

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