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This setting is in the ad manager. If you're looking for a certain nationalistic feel you should also target people that are politically active. Facebook offers this option as well for certain countries.

Understand their background and ask them to give examples of what they did. Ask questions that define their character. Ask them what their goals are and why they would want to be involved in starting a company. Do these things align? If they do, agree to do a three month trial period to see if you can actually work together.

My background is in digital marketing. Are you measuring your efforts consistently? If not, you should then look at the data to see what's performing and what's not. Then learn, make changes and repeat. You might have more luck looking at how startups market themselves, "lean startup", validated learning, etc. Also, repurposing content for different online mediums so that they are native to the platform works well. However, the artist needs to actively engage with their audience and have conversations.

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