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I help companies build products that solve “real” customer needs using insights generated via a “customer centric” product management process. I have personally conducted more than 300 on-site customer visits, where I spent time doing a deep dive into the user’s life observing them using my product or competitive products, listening to them and then creating products to solve their problems. I also help companies on Messaging, GTM planning and marketing plan implementation to nurture leads, close sales & improve retention

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I get this question quite often. I met a guy yesterday who has had 18000 free download of his mobile app, knocking the doors of angel investor without success
I feel what is needed in the first 6 month is definitely traction but more importantly stickiness.
The metrics that you should be tracking is how many of your early adopters are really using your app, coming back to you every month , giving you feedback (positive or negative feedback) every month.
Once your series A investor see stickiness & feedback from your early adopter you will see flocking towards your venture

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