dr Albert Tansleep problem integrative medicine , finance

achieve see www.topcause.yolasite.com
1/become an business consultant 2/become a better meet up for our idea and investor web site 3/write music and marketing4/help people to develop knowledge and get their life-experience to help people , do good to humanity 5/invent - like to create and connect with 9/volunteer for www.msf.ca 10/active with wonmp.ca
Specialties: energy healing, see google youtube dr albert tan healing dr albert szewei tan 6048138423 ebnmp wonmp licensed's Experience

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using internet , many people start to use drop shipping because it lower the risk of carrying inventory and if you are good at marketing on line or personal connection, start small by acting as an agent, eg sell piano with major supplier, find them a customer and get paid if there is a sale.

there are so many countries in the world, how do you protect your logo from all major countries, Because each country has its own law , you have to consult your local lawyer that deal with each country regulations

keep personal accounting and business accounting seperate because there may betax benefits if you claim some expenses, you may claim some deductions based on your local tax law.

make a youtube video, explain what is the benefit of your products or services..

start a contest and spread the world

research how other competitors are doing their marketing, make a budget and start a marketing project.. there are no right or wrong way to do this because it depends on your budget

do a volleyball night with bbq, and treat it as a social event , know your customers and ask them . the solution to change

socially , male many friends,,, learn from people from different opinion.

psychologically, learn to be tough in hardship

physically, learn to be strong, try not to believe in pharmacist or md, learn more about natural healing

side effects of benzo, thalamide

financially, have a plan and focus on your own study, trust yourself, bankers, and investment counselors have their own bias.

volunteer with msf.ca
or become a inventor
it all depends on u

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