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Experience more than 18 years in P&G, Samsung, Sanofi, World Bank ( Global Market Research, Market Study, Grant Writing, Business Plan, New Products, Innovations, Customer journey, Brand building, Brand equity return enjoyment from Your job (International Business Valuation, Business assessment, Analysis, Business Planning, Financial Planning, Brand, Company Name. Brand identity, Brand equity, Taglines, Slogans, Products/Services Portfolio Management, New Product Creation, Brand positioning, USP, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Innovation consulting, IT strategy development, Profitable Apps Niches Search, SaaS niche search and strategy, Affiliate Marketing Development, SEO Best practices, Business Ideas, partnerships, business models, pre-launch, startup valuation, assessment, Value proposition, Market niche search, Brand, Pitching audit, Merge & Acquisitions strategies, Pricing strategy, Customer behavior, insights, trends, Value proposition statement, Customer journey mapping, Consumer global trends, insights, Market niche search, Brand audit, Sales and marketing team building, Merge & Acquisitions strategies, Negotiation tips, Demand generation best practices)
Projects completed: more than 150 with Guaranteed Result
Geographies: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, DACH region
Industries: IT, fintech, telecommunication, retail, e-commerce, Social Media, Advertising, Healthcare, consumer electronics, FMCG, distribution, fashion, consulting, career coaching, retail, E-commerce, real estate, manufacturing, logistic, PR, agencies, Merge and Acquisitions
Projects details: Brand audit, Merge & Acquisitions, Negotiation strategist, Market research, Brand audit, Brand Book creation, Communication strategy preparation, New product development, Portfolio management. Category Management, Merge & Acquisitions, Preparation for interview, Career coaching, Innovation strategy, Negotiations preparations, Pricing strategy, Competitive analysis, Digital strategy, Channels research and management, Industry insights, consumer insights, Merge & Acquisitions Management, Change management, market sizing, business valuation. financial modeling, market forecasts. investor relations. presentations preparation, Costs analysis, P&L, strategy planning, business planning, pitching, startup consultation, business bootstrapping, grant writing, crowdfunding

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To identify the best way of promotion You have to do some analysis: Target Audience (Needs, Preferences, Location, Industries, Segments, Tiers, Decision Making Persons), Product Value Proposition, Marketing & Sales Pitch deck (why this software is better vs existing), Pricing Strategy, After that You have to identify Branding Approach to differentiate it from existing solutions, Awareness and Trial Promotion campaign, preparation of highly-engaging viral content to generate WOM, PR articles, finding niche influence experts, direct campaigns preparation, create some contests for the first users, create the groups in Social Media. Good to consider: targeted ads campaign. Please contact me if You need more information.

In order to make sustainable and high-quality improvement You have to do analysis of Your target audience, Your Landing Page Value Proposition, Commercial Terms, Competitive Analysis, UX/UI research, Call to Action analysis, Placement of buttons, Usability Study, Speed Assessment, SEO. And only after this job is done. You can understand what and how to be improved. In this case the result and conversion rate optimization would be guaranteed.


More than 50% of startup failed each year globally.

1. Absence of clear vision of future company
2. Founder is not able to find the proper team
3. Not enough resources to finance the activity till the product/service will be launched
4. Poor project management skills
5. Lack of priorities, absent of clear strategy
6. Vague market assessment
7. Underestimate of competitors reaction
8. Wrong pricing strategy
9. Wrong communication strategy


The most critical is to investigate Your target audience and how they consume the information about similar products (it means channels, groups etc). After that You have to formulate the way of communication (Brand Unique Selling Points, Images, Videos), prepare interesting Trial promotion, run Live Events, engage Your potential buyers with interesting contest to create a BUZZ and Word of Mouth).

It depends upon company. In multinational corporations there are corporate marketing, marketing, PR departments that are responsible for that. If You will need more details, feel free to reach me out and I will help You how to sell them Your idea.

One of the possible approaches: Make the analysis of Your targeted audience that subscribed to Your Great Page or visit Your page regularly. After that, You will get a clue which potential sponsors might be interesting in Your offer (being Sponsor). You can reach them via Socla Media or just e-mailing them with offer of cooperation.

There are a lot of methods, approaches on how to calculate the market sizing of a niche industry. The most common methods are top-bottom, bottom-up, comparable markets/replacement, new market approaches.
The critical step is to identify the key factors and logical tree of Your calculations and assumptions (e.g. for diapers market: a) # of babies consuming diapers in a given day b) # of diapers baby uses per day c) average # of days per year.
There are a lot of statistics and information sources to assess key factors.
Another way to estimate market size is to conduct own survey (for a targeted market and potential users) to get the answers to all questions and check Your assumptions.

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