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Yes it is and you can make a lot of money from it ,I and lots of friends that are into it .I can put you through contact me let's talk.

Yes it is,most fake accounts on Facebook use half naked females pictures to attract males and likewise for the female,the easiest way to know a fake account is by going through the persons timeline ,the person never uploads more than 3-4 pics cuz its not the actual person using it,there are order ways to know if you wanna know more contact me let's talk more.

The best way to start an app advertisement is through social media it will help you reach out to a lot of people with little time and I think its best you make the app free for now but if you wanna set a price for it I know ways to make it easy for you, I also have a platform where I help individuals who are looking for ways to promote their product and services ,If you have anymore questions am always available.

Working independently online is not a bad idea,just that it takes lot of time and finance to grow it and make good money,I have a few people I have put through working online and they are making money contact me let's talk.

Yes,hashtags can help you increase your followers must Instagram influencers use it to make their posts you post a video and you tag a celebrity or an Instagram influencers with large followers it will help the video to be seen by all your followers and the persons you taged followers as well.

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