Robert PiersonRobert J Pierson . ,Phoenix, Az

Former Team Lead and Certified Debt Consultant . Million Dollar Producer., Sales Person If The Month 9out of 12onths in 2007. Vast knowledge iof debt resolution, credit counseling and credit repair. Sib-prime lending as well as merchant pending
Second generation Drywall Qualifying Party. Completed and warrantied schools, banks, master planned cmumities by the age of 25.
US Army Expert Infantry Veteran Desert Storm. Expert Marksman Expert Grenade Marksman

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Your time is money. Your blood, sweat and tears are worth more than most give credit for. He needs to be involved to understand how the capital now being administrated, otherwise other share holder will take you for granted, may expect profit that hasn't been realised. He must be involved or he/ or she will have a toxic leveling ignorance and intitlment may run you both in the ground. That said 20 to 45% .of whAt ? How are you landing
on that number ? It seems rather high and not far from take ng control if more capital is needed, you must maintain creative control. They say.ply need to attend mi Utes and understand what is taking place.bor they may expect more than is available. Businesses take time to budget & grow. Setting aside shares, your salary comes office he top as well, don't sell yourself short. I am sure you know this already , just ensure that what you bring to the table is worth more than money. With that there must be a level of participation until they have the insight that you posses, they need to submit and allow you to be the " Boss ' partner or not there must be a decision maker and those decisions must be respected.

Unless you have invoices to factor along with forthcoming contracts that are signed and work that can be related on it is in ones best interest to take rejection as a gift. If we apply for a SMall Business loan and are are denied, that is a comforting indication that it's not the time to spend money we don't have.
A payroll line of credit or periodic contractual draws against work performed is the best way to make ends meet while not putting your entity in harm's way.
There are countless sub- prime financing companies with preditory lending practices thtat look and smell like an award winning BBQ whrn mere growing pains are expected and should be embraced. Like growing up as a child it is suppose to hurt. Embrace and grow from it, I ask to not run from it. It will make is stronger and in the future decisions will reflect experience and not umbrella seeking habits. that loan as a wolf in sheep's clothing and often what was once your start - up may soon appear to be the banks start+up. If however you have already made up your mind, and feel the need to out a bandaid on a potential bleeding wound, there are ad I mentioned lenders, , private and hard money lenders that will loan for most anything.with promise of a minimum payment like a maxed out credit card. Please be careful. I made these mistakes and lost a company because Inwas too prideful to ask for help as I felt I knew everything and Inwas wrong. Just because I failed doesn't mean that you will , please be careful.
During contract negotiations the best source of lending is your own money. Baby steps. There are those who lack and those who thrive. Having a business license does not make us business People. Often it equates to a hopeful consumer, with a business license and I have been there too. You can work through these stages of growth without turning your assets into liabilities. That is what start -up capital often equates to. Tht said, if you must please use cried finding and hire a grant writer to write your campaign. This will be the best 500USD you ever spent. Then you have funds that need not be paid back with an impossible interest rate. It takes two years before an entity can stand alone and build credit. . Just be careful to not create a permanent problem to protect yourself from what is often a temporary challenge.. please forgive umy typos and read between the lines...

This is what we like to call a revenue share. If I believe in the person, along with h the product and// or service while having the time to invest, I have been known to participate in the past. It's essential to understand this endeavor is a gamble and long term investment that may not make a single red cent. If this happens that is the calculation of risk we decided to take. If it doesn't work out as business plan suggest we can't have hard feelings later. It is high risk for a potenttial tich reward. That said as we are all well aware, most businesses fail in the first five years. Please proceed with extreme caution, at your own risk. I am not a fear monger , simply protecting the interest of all involved. Transplant , Crystal clear expectations are beyond crucial to protect your bottom line , in business we don't have any friends. Often this is a great way to loose a friend. This is my opinion , with obvious brutal honesty. Others may have the answer you wish to read. I have played this tape forward and in this arena would have to say thank you but no thank you I would not be willing to participate

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