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As a veteran of NBC TV and Radio News and Sports in New York, CNN-TV News in Los Angles and a 25 year direct response advertising professional, I created a nationally broadcast AM radio show where I have been interviewing and interrogating crowdfunding failures, successes and MEGA success stories to learn the distinctions between them and codify the best practices.
I believe I have interviewed and documented the stories of more crowdfunding campaigners, success stories and MEGA success stories across all portals, platforms and verticals around the world than any other human being on planet Earth (at least since the Big Bang). :-)

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I recommend crowdfunding. The components of Crowdfunding are the exact same components of marketing most startups. The key to success in Crowdfunding is Crowdfunding preparation! ABC TV Show, Shark Tank star Mark Cuban says "Any startup who doesn't do Crowdfunding is crazy. For the past three years I've been interviewing Crowdfunding campaigners to learn what are the distinctions between Crowdfunding failures Crowdfunding successes and MEGA crowdfunding success."
I will be happy to answer any questions about the new portal opportunities and new ways to reach more backers.
Broadcaster, Mike Hayes 415-781-9296

I have spent the past three years interviewing startups about what they are doing today that is working effectively in the digital economy for my show StartUps In Action on national broadcast radio.

From the hundreds of "interrogations", I've done, I've learned 1) cash is always flowing somewhere (if it dries up in one stream, it will find another way as sure as life), 2) entrepreneurs are brilliant as find the new stream and learning how to pan for gold in it, 3) I learned where it is flowing today.

In the digital economy, marketing, publicity, direct response and retargeting advertising all all components of the newest form of direct response called crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, crowdsuccess.

Recruiting a crowd of like-minded people is working on all fronts.

Before jumping to conclusions about crowd funding people should look into it more deeply.

Based upon this real world research, I began interviewing startups committed to crowd success, and today I believe I have interviewed more of them than anyone else on the planet.

I know so many crowd success stories, in all verticals, I'm not surprised by Mark Cubans statement; "Anyone doing a start-up today, who doesn't use crowdfunding, is crazy."

New crowdfunding companies such as CrowdTilt have added a new component call "Sell Something", which provides excellent free market research.

Check it out https://www.crowdtilt.com/referrals/love-mhayes59

They will even jumpstart your campaign with $20.

If you have any follow-up questions, please forward them to me
Mike@StartUpsInAction.com and I'll be pleased to reply.
Good luck,
- Mike

Check out the interview I did with the Founder of Huli Huli on CrowdfundBeat.com
Also, I'd look at the Sell Something function on CrowdTilt.com
FYI, we are launching a new Web TV Series about StartUps In Action on CrowdFundBeat, DailyMotion, CrowdSourcing,org, and more along with national broadcast AM radio.
Contact Mike Hayes - StartUpsInAction@gmail.com
Thanks, and good luck.


The name has become a misnomer.

It is no longer only about "funding"; it is about marketing, feedback, analytics,
market analysis, building community, pitching, story selling, networking with distributors,
Global publicity, retargeting ads, and more.

Julie Coons, the CEO of the $300 Billion Dollar direct response industry agreed with me when I asked her to comment on my conviction that crowdfunding is the newest form of direct response selling.

Anybody launching a new project who doesn't do precrowdfunding and crowdfunding first is missing a great opportunity.

Brainstorming is always free.

Mike Hayes

Crowdfunding for non-profits.
You need to behave today the way Jesus would have done it: go to where the people are.

Cash is always flowing somewhere, and today it is flowing in the world of crowdfunding.

Ironically, crowdfunding is an evolution of passing the basket in church.
Mike Hayes

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