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I help direct response and eCommerce online health supplement companies grow revenue. I've worked in this space for over 10 years with clients such as HumanN, Ed O’Keefe at Marine Essentials, Buck Rizvi at Real Dose Nutrition, Ian Clark at Activation Products, Jesse Cannone and more… By analyzing websites and buying funnels from the perspective of trust, belief, desire and hope in the buyer's mind. Using my 4 Framework Growth Model for dietary supplement brands.

I'm certified in:
Online Testing
Landing Page Optimization
Value Proposition Development
Full Funnel Optimization
Direct Response Copywriting

Winner of the Jim Novo Award of Academic Excellence in Web Analytics

With over ten years of combined experience in Web Design, Internet Marketing, Web Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Landing Page Optimization (LPO)
Usability Testing
Google Website Optimizer
Visual Website Optimizer
A/B Testing (A/B/n)
Multivariate Testing (MVT)
Full Funnel Optimization
Growth Hacking

Recent Answers

There is no clear call to action on the site. What do you want a visitor to do? What's the primary goal, the secondary goal, etc.

Additionally there is no value proposition. Yes you have reviews but so what. If I am the ideal customer why should I do x goal?

These 2 elements will have the biggest impact on conversion, not color or anything else.

Just add validation to the email field to see if it's the right format any way. This will reduce friction and increase accuracy while keeping only 1 field.

Scaling with paid/cold traffic is a very different kind of beast.

Depending on your paid traffic source their motivations and behavior is different than that of a house list or affiliate / JV traffic. Usually paid (cold) traffic is more difficult to convert with a $47 initial offer.

I've had success warming up this type of traffic, with clients of mine, before asking for that level of sale. There are some exceptions to the rule depending on how rabid your market is to buy, but the fitness niche is usually more skeptical.

You can warm them up by starting with an email opt in to a lead magnet then present them with your $47 sales offer, theres a side benefit to this as well.

The other way to warm them up is to start with a survey leading them into a customized VSL to your $47 product. There's also some major benefits here if you segment your traffic right.

As far as after the initial sale in regards to the backend funnel itself my typical flow looks like this:

Sales page > Up Sell #1 > Down Sell #1 > Up Sell #2 > Thank you page. However some of my clients have much more than 2 up sells in place in some funnels.

The trick is that your up sells should flow logically to each other. Meaning make your first up sell a product that gets your target market to their desired solution faster and easier with the up sell.

For your down sell, you can keep the same product / offer but lower the price or offer a payment plan.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

If you haven't already you should start building an email list. By building a list you'll be creating an asset of people that you can talk to and offer something for sale. Typically you need to offer something free in exchange for an email sign up, this is what's called a lead magnet. You should also create a digital product to sell as a test. I recommend bundling some of your past blog posts into a PDF. You could offer it directly on your site or better yet offer it immediately after some one opts into your email list. This is what's know as a tripwire offer. This also gives you the advantage of segmenting you list into buyers and non buyers. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I'd love to help with a call through Clarity.

From the looks of your site there is no clear call to action. The form on the bottom of your home page is too broad in my humble opinion. But most importantly there's nothing on your site that speaks to the target market you're going after, startups.

As far as sales funnels can you tell me more? Do you have a sales funnel in place in place you're looking to optimize or are you looking for advice on creating one?

It is never too late to start anything Jerome but...

one app is not going to build you a business. Multiple apps are the way to go as you imply with the word network. Just be sure to have all of your apps in the network to support each other around the same category so the audience from one app should cross over to the others. This way you can leverage one app for all the apps in your network.

I actually work in CRO, so not only am I your prospect I'm also familiar with your problem. I signed up to se how the experience was and although the first step to sign up on the home page was very easy, your value proposition could use a lot of work.

You're competing against a lot of similar services and they all look the same, including yours. There's no clear differentiation of ptengine compared to crazy egg and even Google Analytics, there's also no reason why a visitor should sign up on the page. A user-friendly web analytics and heatmap platform. Implies this is like Google Analytics and I'm left thinking why should I sign up? I don't need more analytics.

Furthermore, does your goal of increasing your free user base from 1,200 to 3,000 only include leads on the home page or people that activate and complete the registration here or people that install your code? Each require a different strategy.

Once you activate, you can remove some friction by auto logging in the user so they don't have to fill in their username and password again from the activation stage or at least carry over the username/email to reduce some friction.

The profile page after logging in leaves you without any guidance on what to do next. Adding the web engage feedback on both those steps might provide some more insight.

Improving and or testing your value proposition and the user experience of signing up will get you some gains but is not likely to get you from 1,200 to 3,000 users in 6 weeks. For that level of growth you'll need to at least do both improve your value proposition and drive the right traffic. For that I suggest partnering with CRO tools like (visual website optimizer, optimizely, convert, etc.) and conducting webinars with their audience. This way you provide the content and they provide the list of targeted prospects who can benefit from your tool. But without first fine tuning your value proposition the CRO audience my be thinking the same thing I am, why do I need another analytics tool? Positioning yourself in the marketplace is key here and it may not be as a "A user-friendly" I can get the same things and likely already are from other "platforms" It's not just a question of value but also a problem of why should I switch.

Hope this helps.

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