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The easiest pitch would be to have a base retainer (say 1000$ a month) and then % of revenue increase since the baseline.

It makes it easy for them and is far compelling cause you are now a revenue cost rather than a recurring sunk cost.

The typical ecomm transaction has 10-12% margins? And then CAC etc has to be amortized. So you'll either have to pitch fora tiny sliver of topline or a % of profits - as that also aligns outcomes where the consultant just doesnt run promotions giving away all the margins and think short term.

Given this math, id say 10K a month revenue seems a bit early. Might want to look at ecomm stores that are a bit further along the way, or use pre-recorded content on subscription to tackle this early market (as it potentially) can become your funnel.

It is getting increasingly hard to find computers with CD drives, and the best case scenario is that the corporate boss is going to ask someone lower in the rung to watch it and the chances of that happening is very low.

Would suggest reading up on what is now termed as Inside sales, a strategy that thousands of SaaS startups are using to reach out to enterprise clients, without a feet on street team.

If you are just starting off, the focus should be on sales. Its good to do the groundwork on the messaging and communication strategy, but until there is clarity on unit economics etc, I wouldn't focus on brand.

You build a brand early on by a simple act : deliver consistent value that your customers can rely on.

Around year 2 or 3, when the business model has straightened itself out and the unit economics is stable is when ill focus on doing the larger brand marketing.

If you are still exploring the viability of this business, then Id suggest that you wait till the business generates its first cheque - or you will be hiring and need to do payroll. On the other hand, if you have the clarity of thought and action, and you are sure abt this opportunity, then there is no need to wait.

Either ways, keep all your receipts as most places allow for a certain amount of "pre-incorporation" expenses to be expensed. Talk to your accountant / auditor about it.

Wishing you the best!

Because not many of them know that certain things "can't be done". They dare, and are able to walk right through a concrete wall - and at times, circumstances have changed that the wall doesn't exist anymore, except on people's minds.

The promise of growth. And how crazy those dreams can be cast into people. Fundraising and valuations are a way of selling the future to people, today - but asking them to invest in tomorrow's value.

Top Notch technologists might not focus on the business / fundraising part of things. You might do better splitting this across two different people.

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