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First would be to locate experts from LinkedIn and other professional groups. They are really experts in their respective fields. Others can be found on job sites like Odesk. Some have their own websites which you can search by typing "field + experts + location"..

Odesk/Elance is good.. As a web content writer myself, I usually get found by clients as they invite me to apply to their job (usually related to, for instance, my forte: health/nursing/psychology/internet marketing, etc.). From there, the client selects the best bidder (from the proposed rate, experience, and even some specific tests to determine if we are really a good fit). Hope this helps!

I've had experience with this one and would recommend determining one thing that gets you fired up and would also let you offer something to the world which the world would love to pay you for..

For me, this has turned out to be something related to forming a virtual team and letting my team work on the time-consuming tasks and I'd just be managing them, making sure they deliver quality services to clients. This has cost me a minimal up to none at all (investment) since what I just need are reliable team members/staff and me posting ads on job sites regarding our services or through Odesk..

That has worked for me.. But primarily that would really depend on your interests/niche. :)

There are several countries which usually fall under the go-to countries when it comes to outsourcing tech.. These could include the Philippines. India, and other countries with low labor costs yet high quality professionals.

Since I'm from the Philippines and I've had experience being outsourced, I'd say that our clients prefer our services because first, we do have lower rates than others, as much as we deliver quality services (may it be through web content writing, SEO, customer service, internet marketing, etc.)

India is also a go-to because of the mentioned reasons.

Hi! As a project manager/writing team head, I've tried various tools already but the tool I liked the most was Base Camp's project management board. I like its simple yet powerful interface as I was able to track pending projects, communicate with several clients in one dashboard and able to receive notices via email.

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