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Business Strategist, Consultant & Mentor. Working with range of companies from start-ups and non-profits to the Fortune 100. Worked with and consulted brands such as BMW, DELL, Disney, Hilton, State Farm, Wells Fargo, and Zappos - to name a few!

I am also a Strategic Thinking Partner for entrepreneurs, nonprofits and business owners, with the expertise to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, seeing solutions and helping to illuminate a path to forward progress.

Unique Value Proposition:
I have three things that make me a valuable strategic thinking partner for you:

1. I've had extensive day-to-day business experience with a range of companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100.

2. I have a broad network to help you get there quicker and more efficiently. My friends and colleagues include leaders from a variety of industries, which gives me insider access to what is actually happening across business and industry lines.

3. As a business owner, I know the challenges business owners face. I've seen their common mistakes and common successes. I know what works and what doesn't.

Areas of focus:
Getting Started as an Entrepreneur
Corporate Sponsorships (For profit and non-profit)
Crowdfunding (indiegogo, kickstarter, etc)
Online Product Launches
How to get sponsored
Publishing (books, kindle)
Online Marketing Strategy
Internet Marketing

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Recent Answers

Great Question! Few tips that I’d offer are:

1. To get a dedicated domain that you can have re-direct to the campaign page. So while you currently have, purchase another to drive traffic directly to the campaign so any media, YouTube personalities, etc can just drive people to that domain.

2. Talk to people! Coffee shops, doctor’s office, and twitter! Of course there’s lots of places to talk to people, but build an army of people that talk about what you’re doing anytime they see someone within your target market using an iPad. If you’re wanting more online, reach out to key influencers on snapchat, instagram, etc.

If you have more specific questions or would like customized advice for your campaign, I’d be honored to help you and your team with clarity, just give me call! Wish you the best on your campaign.

Doing your first webinar can be a fun and, if done right, profitable experience!

As Josh mentioned, I would strongly recommend doing a live webinar once or twice before automating the webinar.

When building webinars…

1. I build my presentation in PowerPoint (you could also use Keynote)
2. Setup my webinar in GoToWebinar
3. Build landing pages for the webinar (I use leadpages for my LIVE webinars)
4. Setup an autoresponder for attendees (I used 1Shoppingcart & MailChimp)
5. Deliver a kick-butt webinar!!!

After I’ve done the webinar a couple times, it’s time to automate. I use for this.

Here’s two examples of automated webinars setup on

1. Webinar Replay where attendees can choose the date/time they attend:

2. Webinar Replay that takes them directly into the replay:

Let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you or your team!

I agree with Mark in that it truly depends what you’re trying to accomplish.

Is this a business that you plan on keeping for yourself and/or family, or is there a different exit strategy in place such as selling the brand, an IPO, or being acquired by another company.

When it comes to business and deciding the corporate structure, there’s a few things I’d recommend considering.

1. Entity Type (there’s pros and cons to each type. Check with your CPA)
2. Revenue Model (yes, even NPO’s need this)
3. Business/Strategic Plan
4. Customers - What do they look like and how do you find/reach them
5. Exit strategy.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to offer further clarity to you!

In addition to the great advice that Trishul has shared, I’d like to add that your event is also a business. As someone who produces my own live events ( and speaks at the events of other promoters (,, etc)... one of the biggest mistakes I see is people not treating it like a business. I would…

1. Create a business plan.
2. Get bids early for event planner, A/V, etc
3. Define the target market
4. Who do you want to speak and, more importantly, what is their reach/ability to help you promote the event and fill the event/room block.
5. Will you have sponsors? If so, how many and what type? Sponsors are a great way to cover a large portion of your expenses while also delivering an immense amount of value and ROI to your sponsors.

Let me know if I can ever be of service to you or your team!

Whatever your dream (business or life) is - decide that you deserve it, and that you're worth it (cause you are), and the steps to move forward and get there.

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