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Global Digital Strategist Specialties include implementing a global digital strategy for your brand, online marketing for lead generation and business development. Services Include: ♦ Online Web & E-Commerce Strategy ♦ Franchise Brand Development ♦ Franchise Sales ♦ Franchisee Business Development ♦ Wordpress Development ♦ Wordpress Plugin Advise ♦ Wordpress Theme Advise ♦ Social Media Strategy ♦ Account & Project Management ♦ Search Engine Optimisation Strategy ♦ Mobile Websites & Apps ♦ Website Design & Development ♦ Copywriting ♦ eBay Sales Consulting ♦ Email Marketing Strategy

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Certainly a lead gen website would help with a strong call to action.

LinkedIN would be a good source of leads as well.

Dont discount using Direct Mail to get your message accross

Even though it is a little costly, the most powerful way is to send your direct mail piece via FEDEX or DHL

This way - the gatekeeper wont open it. And it makes a big impact to the decision maker (your target prospect)

Hope that helps!

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