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Sandra Wong is an app / game designer & marketing specialist with a 17+ year background in online media development. She specializes in building technology products, user acquisition, app monetization, user experience UIUX, design audits, live dealer casino and cryptocurrency/blockchain technology. She has consulted for 50+ private and public companies across multiple industries and was a nomination finalist for Leader of the Year by Woman of Worth Awards in 2013. Sandra has launched apps that debuted at number one in its category and in the top 100 in appStore. She has been an integral part of over 25 app projects with some enjoying traffic numbers in the millions. Sandra is currently the Success and Product Manager at Novomatic Greentube's subsidiary BlueBat Games for clients including Foxwoods, Treasure Island, Hard Rock, Seminole and Mount Airy. She is also co-founder of Quantaloop Technologies Inc.

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I personally am very hesitant to sign non-disclosure agreements especially with those in the same industry AND new to my circles. Just my opinion, but the thing about ideas is that they are essentially worthless without the execution. No matter how 'great' or 'innovative' one might think their idea may be, entrepreneurs are usually too busy working on their own 'great' or 'innovative' idea to replace it with another. If the other person is not willing to risk some sort trust level of information then maybe you are better off moving on. If you feel the upside outweighs the downside such as you already have an established relationship with this party/ have validated this lead/feel you want to explore more, make sure the NDA goes both ways.

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