Robb MillerStartup Founder and Lawyer (Canada & US)

I am a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, with a passion for building cool apps using third-party APIs and Data. My legal career led me through Silicon Valley, and now i try to bring my background and skill set, legal and entrepreneurial, to every challenge and interaction that faces me. I love helping with story and language, positioning for various audiences, finance discussions and negotiations, M&A strategy and (sometimes) exits.

Gnito released a pre-MVP prototype of our iOS 7 App on the Canadian App Store on December 12, and we are beta testing it with 50 Canadian entrepreneurs, developers, professional networkers and others. We are getting great reviews, and input! As well, our Enterprise API (pre-release) is already being used by leading Canadian marketing companies (and in demand by more), again with more rave reviews.

We have a great team, product, traction and commercialization strategy.

We are doing a small round of financing ($200K for 12%, closing in February) from targeted group of 6 – 8 investors on both sides of the border, to take us through launch (app MVP release, and Enterprise API) and our first 10 thousand users.

Look forward to chatting.

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Thanks for your inquiry. We should probably have a quick chat. I have a few questions to better understand your situation, like these (probably others too): Where are you located? Where is the company registered, domiciled? What are your intended financing activities? Where? Have you done a round already? Any other financing activities to date? Cheers, rm

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