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Brad Mills is a life long entrepreneur, with a focus on product development & marketing.

Involved with bitcoin since 2011 as a miner, entrepreneur & investor, Brad has co-founded multiple cryptocurrency startups and is currently managing a proprietary quantitative algorithmic trading strategy.

Amazon marketing is one of Brad's side obsessions, where he helped take a brand from 0 sales to acquired in 3 months.

Having been in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space since 2011, Brad is the CEO of a Funded iOS Game Startup with multiple Top 10 games , Startup Advisor, Seed Investor, Crowdfunded Filmmaker & Serial Entrepreneur from Canada who is an expert in Bitcoin, Monetization, Mobile Games, Growth, Facebook Games & iOS Apps.

See - For passion projects, Brad Mills is writer, director & producer of feature films. Being a P90X grad who has worked out with Tony Horton, Brad is a fan of fitness, wearable technology and the latest in quantitative self. If you need help with growth hacking, Mobile Marketing, social games or iPhone Games, Brad Mills can help.

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All of my bitcoins are in a brainwallet. Freeze me and donate me to Google, when Ray Kurzweil solves mortality, upload me and I'll give you the private keys.

It really depends on how much advertising dollars you have to spend, and how much money your app makes per user. I'm going to answer this question assuming you've got a free app with in app purchases and advertising.

Here's a few scenarios that commonly play out with FREE apps:

SCENARIO 1. Reskin Game or Low Value Utility App.
If you have low 4 figures to spend on advertising, and your app has a low Revenue Per User figure, the chances are you probably won't be able to make much of a dent buying installs or clicks, and you would be better off investing in life insurance :)

SCENARIO 2: Indie Budget, Social Game or Valuable Utility.
If you have low 4 figures to spend on advertising, and your app has a high Revenue Per User figure (higher than the cost of buying users) then you could be well on the way to a CASH MACHINE that will print money as long as you buy ads. Your low 4 figure ad budget could turn into 7 figures in a matter of months. You could borrow money to speed up your revenue generating cash monster.

SCENARIO 3. Good Budget, Any Low Converting App.
If you have mid 5 figures or even 6 figures to spend, and your app has low revenue per user - then you could spend it on a Burst Campaign, meaning - buying incentivized and non incentivized users through multiple sources on a short burst in attempt to get into to the Top 15 USA chart.

SCENARIO 4. Good Budget, High Converting App.
You have mid 5 figures to 6 figures to spend on an app that generates anywhere from 25 cents to 50 cents or more per user. You have just won the game. Your next challenge is How Not To Screw It Up. That's another question and an entirely different answer :)

In either scenario, if you manage to burst yourself into the Top 15 USA chart, whether through a paid burst or a viral burst (great referral factor, friends want to share the app) or a lucky burst (notch or Justin Bieber tweet about your app)
then you can expect 1 of 3 things to happen:

1) Good Burst Run. You will get hundreds of thousands, or millions of downloads from being in the top charts, and your app will be a success, and after a week or 2, your app will slowly fade away.
-If your app has a low revenue per user (1-5 cents per user) then you just made anywhere from $25000 - $100,000.
-If your app has a decent revenue per user (10 - 25 cents per user) then you just made $50,000 - $250,000!

2) Bad Burst Run. You will get 50,000 - 150,000 downloads over the period of a day or 2, and if your app doesn't have a high rate of sharing/referral factor, you will then drop like a rock down the charts and settle somewhere below the top 100, below the top 100 is also known as App Purgatory.
-Here you made anywhere from $5000 - $15,000 on your 2-3 days of chart topping.

3) Hit App. You will hit the jackpot and become an indie darling success story. You will stay in the top 100 over the coming months and possibly years, get tens or hundreds of millions of downloads, features from Apple, accolades from your peers, and forever be immortalized alongside the likes of Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Instagram, SnapChat and other lucky hits that made their benefactors unfathomable sums of money.


So to recap, depending on your budget and the quality and type of app you have to market, there are different strategies that vary from "save your money" to "re-mortgage your house for ads!".

It's not all about buying users either - I've seen friends use some guerilla strategies for high quality indie apps including taking out Facebook Ads that geo target Apple employees in Cuppertino or placing billboards where the Apple App Store Editors are sure to see it.

The feature is not guaranteed with these guerilla strategies, but nothing in the app store is guaranteed :)

I hope this helps.

I have experience in this field actually. I was co-founder of a high quality feminine napkin company, Empower Pads, where we used a green homeopathic strip which helped women with things like ICT, urinary tract infections, cramps, etc. (

We never did sell a monthly subscription though, we went to a lot of trade shows and tried some JVs with custom online sales pages like the one above.

In the end we found that the product was too difficult for us to move because people don't like to talk about pads and tampons. Its not really a big 'referral' product. It helped thousands of women, we got hundreds of amazing video and written testimonials & reviews, but it didn't take off for us.

You could look into the product Poo-Pourri ( and see how they created a viral video campaign for a similarly difficult product to market. Their video and sales page spread by using comedy to sell something that people don't feel comfortable talking about.

Another good monthly sales subscription to look at in the personal & grooming space is Dollar Shave Club ( Although it's not extremely relevant to tampons & pads because men don't have a problem talking about razors.

You could also try sponsoring podcasts with similar interests.

Hope that helps.

Apps like Flappy Bird & Snapchat are the darling indie stories that makes everyone think all you have to do is be different, be simple, and you will succeed.

It's true, snapchat was one of the first sexting application for tweens and teens, so it spread virally ... it was popular becuase it wasn't Facebook or Twitter and didn't integrate with them. There were a few other applications out that had the same feature set as SnapChat, even before snapchat, and they went nowhere.

If you cover your bases (simplicity, good user interface, unique features) and get presented with a bit of luck, you might get that viral boost.

However it's EXTREMELY challenging to duplicate the success of something where being in the right place at the right time with the right product was a large factor.

Meta coins are just another name for altcoins that are issued on the ledger of another coin or cryptocurrency platform.

IE Ripple, Mastercoin, Ethereum, NXT are example of standalone blockchains/legers where you can issue new coins that transact on top of that network.

metacoins can also be referred to as Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, DACs, DAOs, etc. There's a lot of buzz words around altcoins, the terms are fragmented since the industry is just starting.

I've been into bitcoin since 2011, and here's my brief take on where the opportunity lies.

- Mining: Bitcoin mining is too difficult unless you invest a significant amount of money into it, think over $10,000 ... and it only becomes profitable if the price of bitcoin does another 10X (which it may.
- Mining: Altcoins may be the quicker path to profits ( ... mine some altcoins and then converting them to bitcoin through one of the exchanges like
- Buying: I am waiting for another price crash before I buy back into bitcon, I'm hoping it will drop to $500. I see it rising back up over $2000 if it does drop, however now that the Chinese are into bitcoin, its a real possibility that the price will just keep rising.
- Arbitrage: The price difference between exchanges is massive. You can now buy bitcoin at btc-e for $1000 and sell it instantly at for $1200. If you had $100,000 to arbitrage with, that is a cool $20,000 profit. The probem is that these exchanges may go down at any time and you risk losing your money/bitcoins.
-Startup: You could build something with real value, although the competition now is fierce to build a product with real value that has not already been built. VC's are getting hot for bitcoin startups, check out press on Ripple Labs, BTC China, BitInstant, Coinbase, etc.

There are some other opportunities, like buying a bitcoin ATM machine from a franchise (Robocoin, Lamassus) or something a little more in the grey area like starting a bitcoin casino.

There's lots of opportunity in cryptocurrency if you look hard enough, I feel though that the window of opportunity for massive profits and value creation is narrowing due to the eyeballs looking at the bitcoin world right now.

So whatever you want to do, take massive action and do it fast before you lose momentum and first movers advantage.

The main different between bitcon and the rest of the digital currencies, even eGold which was backed by something real (gold), is that it is decentralized.

That means that nobody "owns" the bitcoin network, so there is no central point of failure.

Previously, when a digital currency would get to the point of near critical mass, a government would step in and shut it down.

That, combined with the public ledger system of bitcoin, make it superior to any other cryptocurrency that has been attempted in the past.

It also does not mean that it will be the best, there's another cryptocurrency called Ripple which is both a currency exchange protocol and a currency (XRP) that is also gaining traction.

Sounds similar to how the Uber app works. When you order an Uber cab, you can follow the driver on the map, and communicate with him. I would start your search by figuring out how Uber does it :)

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