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Best place to start is your WHY. Your why represents your purpose and what makes you get out of bed in the morning. It gives you endurance during the difficult times because you have a higher motivation that's not linked to a paycheck. Yes earning money is great but your why is more important than that. It transcends worldly things and is a much deeper part of you.

Some great questions to ask yourself is:
1. What are you good at? natural or learnt abilities.
2. Do you lose track of time when you do a particular task? is there a career in this?
3. What breaks your heart in the world?
4. What have people complimented you on about your personality that could be used in a career? E.g. Teachers require alot of patience

Definitely ask your friends and family what they think you are good at and what stands out for them about you. You could get some valuable insight from this.

Best of luck!

Do you enjoy what your doing? I know you inherited this business but is it something you want to do or do you feel obligated to keep the business going?

Answering these questions is a good place to start as your WHY needs to be identified and its your WHY that's going to carry you through especially through the difficult times.

If you are passionate about this business and want it to succeed you should look at increasing your income as much as possible and reducing expenses. I know some businesses have sold their offices or cancelled their rentals to save money as they will provide online consultancy going forward.

Paying off debt is always more effective if you approach it from a behavioral point of view. Pay off the smallest debt first and then move to the next smallest and so on. Once the debt is gone, take its payment apply it to the next debt. The payments will get bigger as you go along.

Good luck. Certainly contact me if you need financial coaching. Just focus on what you really want out of life first. Your plan will evolve from there.

When it comes to spending money, we need to distinguish between what we NEED and what we WANT. Spending our money on what we need is first priority, e.g. rent, food, transportation. We also do need clothing but we can so easily move into a space where we want a particular item versus actually needing it.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with going after what we want and desiring more BUT it must fit within our financial budget. Practicing humility and self-discipline is important.

Just make sure your financial foundations are in place. Spend less than you earn. Save and invest as frequently as you can. If in debt, focus on paying this off immediately. After that if you have the cash and can afford that new iMac or pair of shoes. Go wild. Get it! knowing that your basic needs are already taken care, your debt free, you have saved for a rainy day and your investing for your future.

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