Adam Tzagournis, CPACEO @ FlowCog, SaaS financial modeling tool

Founder & CEO of FlowCog | CPA | prev Director of Finance at Stack Overflow | Coder | SaaS, startups, and spreadsheets!

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2022 updated answer - Google Sheets SaaS financial model that's free and credible:

As a CPA and someone who spends all his time in SaaS financial models, I built this one to help founders and finance folks understand their trajectory and have a credible model when speaking with investors/boards.

Happy to chat (for free, no strings attached) if you get stuck with it! You can reach out to me here, on LinkedIn, or on the FlowCog website.

Adam Tzagournis, CPA
Founder & CEO
FlowCog - A financial modeling tool just for SaaS co's

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