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Can't you find a way to partner with qualified clinics who have capacity, and then market to clients who would want to pay for one? After all, even if you go all in, you're in the business of selling/marketing the products, not servicing the products. You may as well test that first before you commit further (buying out businesses, increasing capacities, etc.).

First of all, I'm not sure if you can hire marketing experts under $10/hr that's any good. If you know how to pick, you may be able to find the right services. Another approach would be bartering with marketing experts looking for exposure.

What's wrong with the current volunteer anyway?
Also, what does your social network app do? Is it some kind of plugin on top of Facebook for charities?

I've done both of these when I was fishing for SaaS business opportunities.

To narrow down the niche market, identify the key departments, type of problem, and industry verticals of target companies. The users of your solution would benefit either from $$$ or productivity point of view.

Then to find early adopters, find out who is attempting to make their own solutions already (in this case, consult the consultants who deal with your problem). You can even buy PPC ads on Facebook or work with their other vendors to see which customers are motivated and proactively looking for a solution to their problem.

Hope this helps. If you want more clarifications, let's set up a call.

I also own a remote marketing agency with inbound marketing component. I'm responsible for most of the business development, so I think I know enough to give suggestions (to reduce the amount of deadends that you have to face).

Given your market is not overcrowded, your social proof at previous startup with excellent results, you have experienced copywriters in your team, and managed projects for bigger companies, I don't think you need more social proof from free work locally to succeed. (only offer it to one or two if this is indeed a problem, and your previous successes are disregarded by your market, but this rarely happens unless you haven't proved your expertise enough in solving their problems)

Here's the order of business development tactics I would use in your situation:

1a) Direct mail outreach - I assume Chile has a postal service, right? If so, this can cut through a lot of noise (digital marketing, cold-calls, print advertising) while getting their dedicated attention if done properly. I would study campaigns like this ( ) to get your prospects' attention. That said, you gotta have the right message, prospect list, and distribution channel.

1b) Cold-canvassing / cold-calling - This is an alternative to 1b, especially for less sophisticated markets. If your market is not crowded, you won't be in danger of appearing desperate pitching your services this way. As soon as more players enter the market, if you're perceived as desperate, it will be harder to get the sale. Even if you get the sale, your profit margin will likely be eaten away.

2) Strategic alliances - If you're starting out, you likely won't have a ton of capital available to buy advertising and send direct mail. You can work together perhaps with TV, radio, and print advertising people to make marketing campaigns work together between all the different channels. The possibilities of partners are endless. This is done by Fortune 500 companies all the time.

3) Online advertising networks - If you have some cash to spend, I would suggest building the assets in this order (social media advertising network, retargeting display advertising network, search engine marketing). The former would be more economical right now to test your funnel and offers, and you would want them tweaked properly before attempting to make SEM pay. Keep in mind, even though people searching for marketing help on search engines have urgency, they may be struggling financially (to the point of unable to hire you!).

Remember, if you have a good number of retainer clients on your books, and you price properly, it wold solve a lot of problems you will face later.

That's all I can think of. If you'd like me to clarify any of my feedback for your situation, we can book a call and walk you through the process.

I participated in a press outreach campaign to funnel traffic to an infographic before, which resulted in over 1,000 Facebook likes for the graphic.

Identify the popular niche music websites (blogs, publications, video shows, radio shows, and MySpace), plan an event around your new album or concert tour, and then pitch the outlets one by one (introduce yourself appealing to commonality or social proof, and then dangle an exclusive coverage re: your event). You can pitch your friends to promote the event once the news have broke.

This is all I can think of with the given context. If you'd like, book a call with me and I'm happy to walk you through the strategy LIVE.

I would suggest spending some money and cash hanging out at bars where some of these bands perform, Also, try to find a way backstage to talk to the musicians after they perform to do your research. If you're going after well-off musicians, contact their agents or band managers. They are always looking to make or save more money.

Adding to David's answer, here's another good bet:

Network with other marketers and see if they know of anyone who can write the copy you're looking for your sales process/funnel.

I have no experience with salons, but marketing is my thing. So I'll give you some suggestions of what to think about, followed by what to do.

Do you have clients already (let's say from your working days at another salon)? If so, you can start profiling them. You can ask them to fill out a form in exchange for a free gift (maybe one of those creams you use in the salon), or an entry to a raffle (where the prize is valuable).

In the profiling, you want to look out for which neighborhoods they live in, what kinds of activities they like to do, what kinds of social events they love to do, and their occupations.

Then, using each of those profile data, you can market to more prospects who share the same characteristics. For example,

- You can set aside a budget to send flyers to specific neighborhoods. In order to get people into the door, maybe you can offer a certain procedure for free in exchange for opportunities to win new regular customers. (You could theoretically do this with Groupon too, but you have less control of who comes into your door)
- You could set up joint venture relationships with organizations like ball room dancing schools, professional associations, etc. You could offer an exclusive discount with those groups to entice potential customers to try out your service. More opportunities for you to win regular customers.
- With certain demographic data, you can probably make the same offer by advertising on Facebook. If you target specific enough, you can get the price of acquiring the lead to be pretty cheap. You would have to figure out your typical lifetime value of your customers before deciding whether advertising on Facebook would be worthwhile.

One last thing, you can offer gifts for your existing customers if they refer you people.

If you have any more questions, I'm happy to chat with you. Hit me up on this platform.

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