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Funding a business through another business has legal implications. You need to take care of few things here

1. Ensure the micro school is listed as a subsidiary
2. The funding business is the corporate parent and conglomerate which has rights to distribute funds between its subsidiaries. If not , then you need to create a parent structure first . Eg: Alphabet funding Google business.
3. There is disclosure about this funding and you allocate part of your funds so that school has continued funding
4. Make a resolution with your board of directors and make this part of your regulatory filing
5. If the school is not for profit , then you can consider doing this as a CSR activity . You need a board resolution passed even for this.

Please ensure proper corporate governance is maintained.
Hope this helps . Happy to get On a call if you need more info.

There are a few creative ways to get funded
1. Approach some communities and offer to do shows or organise cultural events for them
2. Tie up with schools or colleges to get their grants and in turn train their students
3. Create your own YouTube or Podcast and start monetising the content . It doesn’t take a lot of money
4. Approach CSR of corporates and offer to do skits or programs creating awareness if they fund you. Eg: Tide may want to create awareness on low water usage, you could create some shows or theatre on the concept which could highlight their work
5. Create a gofundme with a cause

You need to create awareness about your association and make people understand your contributions. That’s the key

Growing a YouTube channel takes some effort. You definitely need a good catchy content. Here are few things you could try
1. Have a cover photo which captures audience interest.
2. Create content on latest topics . Usually people search for latest topics which give more option to find your video
3. Make sure you use SEO properly . Your title, description should also contain the key words which relate to your video
4. Do put subtitles . Most of the times people scroll though on mute. Sub titles help you grab attention
5. Reach out to friends and family and shamelessly market ur channel
6. Use competitor info to divert traffic to your channel. Eg: if you run a CRM content and your competitor is well known. Your title could say “Simpler content than <competitor name> “ google search only goes by key words
7. Paid ads is last option which could take a lot of your money, use the option wisely.

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