Patricia M Korth-McDonnellC-Level Digital Marketing and Product.

I've developed successful digital marketing, product, and customer experience strategies for some of the world’s most influential brands, including Apple, Hulu, McDonald’s, Target, Zelle, Lexus, JetBlue, CNN, and Disney. I have a reputation for building top performing, collaborative teams across CX, product, technology, marketing, and delivery. I have balance leadership experience at the executive level and willingness to get my hands dirty to get the work done.

Patricia received her BA from New York University and lives in Brooklyn with her family.

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Very very few mobile developers are true experts in both native platforms. Some can be really good at both - but you'll still find specialists who are better at either. That's why often startups will build a hybrid app which allows them to go live in both iOS and Android app stores, but maintain a single web code base that basically opens in an embedded browser within the app.

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