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Samuel is the founder and managing member of SBS Tax & Consulting Services, LLC. With over 10 years of experience across a wide range of industries, he has developed advanced technical skills in a variety of tax and accounting areas and served clients in various sizes and industries. Due to the "hands-on" approach, he has been able to advise them in helping them improve their business operations and maximize profitability and continuity. He has also provided his clients with tax planning strategies to minimize their taxes while maximizing their income and preserving their assets.

Certified as an Enrolled Agent (highest credential the Internal Revenue Service awards), Samuel is one among the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who specialized in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers. As an EA, Samuel can represent taxpayers before the IRS in matters of audit and collections.

An all-around leader and problem resolution expert with vast knowledge and expertise in small business affairs, Samuel is certainly the go-to guy in any professional services firm with respect to small business accounting and tax.

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It depends on the type of business product or service. If it is a service basis company, and all the services have been done by the owners in PR, then the income would be not the U.S source of income.

International tax is one of my expertise. My tax firm, SBS Tax and Consulting Services, works closely with foreigners who own businesses in the U.S. Therefore, I can answer any tax questions you may have.

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