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1- Preparing a report on the principles and objectives of the game
2- Preparing a detailed detection of the game's movements
3- Studying the market and the specific age group for the game
4- Studying game companies in foreign and Arab markets
5- Planning a sales and publishing path for the game
6- Sending the initial report to the game companies and requesting a quotation
7- Agreeing with the chosen company how to pay
Tip: If you are not experienced in the field of game programming, you should go to the experts so that the game will be released in a typical form
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I think this topic is very annoying for you and I wish you good luck
Regarding the trade name, sometimes the company has the right to reserve more than one name and adopt one name for fame, and in this case it is possible that the chosen name may not be accepted.

From my point of view, it is good for you that the name was not accepted because there is a similar name. Some problems or misunderstandings may occur if the other company is bad.

Choose for yourself a distinctive name that reflects the image of the company's work and work on marketing the name and identifying a distinctive brand to be unique in your field strongly

1- Start with a small capital to understand the market
2- Find your customers' needs
3- Shopify is an excellent website for sale and it is very easy for you, but you must know how to work on it
4- Choose a main product and the rest of the products are additional and expand into the main product, for example (clothing).
5- Make a small profit margin and rely on expanding the customer base

1- The reason for the first payment fees must be explained!
2- The reason for the royalty!
3- Does the company have a well-studied financial strategic plan?
4- What are the advantages of the customer!
5- The value of the services!
Honestly, the best solution to avoid any financial dispute is to clarify and detail the contract before starting, which guarantees the right of both parties
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firstly dont think which you said not working ads/ registration all this is way to success but you can use it which who have pronunciation problems and you can make contract with to give your app as gift to help more faster
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Since the work is not limited to a specific sector and is open to several areas, the site must be coordinated so that services are displayed and start paying fees to subscribe to the site and provide benefits for each user according to the price of the package
When you obtain a huge database, you can change the course of work and collect from the customer the price of the service, and when he obtains it from the company, the price of the service is deposited to the company, after deducting your site fees
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