Robert LunteFounder of TVS, LLC.

Robert is a renowned international educator with 20+ years of experience in the eLearning industry. He is recognized for creating online courses that can turn complex and abstract ideas into easily understood learning methodologies. With nearly 20 courses in his portfolio and growing, Robert's courses have helped advance the learning of over 100,000 students in 179 countries around the world. Clients will enjoy the benefits of a consultative process that will take them on a journey from the conception of an idea to the successful launch of a new eLearning and online course business. Clients can expect to discover what their unique story is and how it can develop into a high value, learning experience for students. Beyond the creative process, other aspects clients will gain include professional instructional design, on-camera coaching, platform recommendations, and conversion marketing strategies during the process. Additionally, Robert works as a Master Trainer for FIRE-UP presentation coaching and is involved in developing therapy methods for neurodegenerative diseases affecting the voice. Robert is also the Founder of The Vocalist Studio, a school dedicated to developing voice training methodologies for singers. LinkedIN:

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I am a successful Udemy course creator and producer. Udemy offers a too that can run a search on any ideas you have and give you some results that are based on the data they have collected regarding different course ideas. This tool is made for the purpose of helping creators make good decisions for courses.

You will have better success if you go specific, especially if there are other courses in that topic already. Something the above mentioned tool will tell you.

I am an expert in the Udemy Marketplace as well as other course work marketplaces and platforms and would be happy to consult you. I am sure I can help. I invite you to book some time.

Robert Lunte

Hello Stephanie, I actually am one of your potential clients. I am the owner of one of the world's most recognized vocal training programs for singers. I just launched a new LMS here, I could help you by sharing with you what my needs are as a course work owner that sells access to systems like this. I would also be interested to learn how you could help me?

Great responses! Its interesting that these responses seem to be framed in "young entrepreneurs", however, I don't think age has much to do with it. I think these suggestions apply to everyone. In my industry, the world of voice teachers, I find that young voice coaches are plagued with fear. Fear of producing content for YouTube and other social media that will help drive traffic to their web sites and I find that they are surprisingly clueless on web and internet marketing technology; web sites, contact forms, how to make a proper teaser video on YouTube, shopping carts, and what your messaging should be. They tend to be more worried about what people will think about them, instead of being fearless and putting themselves out there. Being fearful does not pay the bills or grow your business as a voice coach. I suppose, its the same for any profession.

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