Hasani AdeHolistic Executive Coach

Hasani is a highly experienced Life and Executive Coach with a broad set of modalities and proceses which he uses to get the best out of his clients. Based on his unique life path and after recognising patterns across the clients he works with, he focuses on seven key pillars which are outlined below.

Emotional intelligence: Hasani has a deep understanding of emotions and can connect with others on a personal level. He is empathetic and compassionate, making him skilled at helping clients work through emotional blocks and challenges.

Personal growth and transformation: Hasani has a talent for guiding clients through deep personal growth and transformation. He is adept at helping clients identify and release any limiting beliefs or patterns that are no longer serving them.

Effective communication: Hasani is a skilled communicator who can help clients improve their communication skills. He may be able to offer guidance on effective communication techniques, such as active listening and clear expression of needs and boundaries.

Relationship building: Hasani is skilled at nurturing personal relationships and may be able to offer guidance on building positive and healthy relationships, whether it's with family, friends, or romantic partners.

Attention to detail: Hasani has a strong attention to detail and is skilled at problem-solving. He may be able to help clients develop practical solutions to personal and professional challenges.

Intuition: Hasani has a strong intuition and may be able to help clients tap into their own intuition and use it as a guide for decision-making and personal growth.

Overall, Hasani's is a compassionate and empathetic life coach, skilled at helping clients navigate their emotions and work towards personal growth and transformation.

He is also adept at communication, relationship building, and problem-solving, making him a valuable asset to anyone looking to improve their personal or professional life.

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Yes there are formal ways of getting certified but in general it's important each coach finds their own practice, process and way to deliver results. That being said, all coaches should follow internationally agreed practices and conduct to ensure client and coach wellbeing, professionalism and safety.

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