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You will be able to do this, but it will take around 2 weeks to go thru all 100mil websites and detect the competitor.

You could do this with Amazon AWS, and you will need a developer to help with code setup.

As your question is complex, and requires data to target new companies, here are 3 strategies which could give you start in targeting:

Here are 3 concrete strategies:

Strategy 1: If you have first/last name, City, zip code, street, phone, then you can create a CSV list and upload the data to Facebook Audience, then you will be able to target those specific people with Facebook Ads.

Strategy 2: If you have the company website, upload the company websites of the target companies to Linkedin, choose the Job Title position you want to target, and Linkedin will show ads only to those companies, and to those job titles.

Strategy 3: If you have the domain of the website, you can create generic emails such as, and send your proposal to them. Generating generic emails are legal as they are not connected to a specific contact.

To implement this 3 strategies, i presume 300$ will be a good fit to start with, if you want to target just a city. Also dont forget to create a landing page too.

Before staring your Animation Studio, you need to be sure that you will have clients/buyers.

Everything starts from a test. You cannot just create a Studio and think that you will be successful. You need to test everything before starting.

Here is a short business plan:

Find your niche - find out who will be your clients? Small Business? Advertisers? Media? ..... who will be your audience.

After you found out who is your clients - you will start a survey - Go to LInkedin and start messaging Business Owners and ask them - (Example of message: Hi, we want to build a great animation studio - but we need your imput. Will your website require animation in the next months? How much will you pay? .......).

After you had received around at least 100 replies, start creating a landing page prototype. The landing page should contain an overview of animation - what you do, how much will cost and ask users to sign up for a free animation consultation. Advertise your landing page to SMB owners and get at least 100 form filled.

So at this stage, we have 100 replies, 100 forms filled. Now that we know the right direction, you start building the website based on data you received from your emails and consultation.

After you have your website ready, start bringing clients to your website thru marketing or organic. Now - here is the main answer to your question: DO NOT HIRE AT BEGINNING - find another animation studio and work with them to complete the animation. Do this for at least 10 animations. Doing this, you are risk free. IF everything works fine, and you are happy and your clients are happy, then - freely - start hiring. But if you hire someone from the beginning, - you will have to do contracts, payments, taxes, office, ..... and what happens if this not works - then you will loose more that you invested.

So my main tip for you will be :Start with testing. Don't just jump too fast in hiring.

(For marketing strategies: check my account).

I dont think you should spend $$$ for quality video. The main questions will be: Is your website audience quality or not? If the website audience is quality - your product will sell without video.

But if your website gets junk traffic, then the quality video will not work.

A quality video will be good only if you do A/B testing and test what triggers a user to convert? Does a video triggers him/her? or Headline? or Call to Action?

Dont spend $$$ on quality videos if you have not found our what is your highest converting module. (Video, price, description, pdf, ebook, whitepaper.....)

Here is an idea if you want to double your growth rate!

You have a website, you already know your audience, and you want to increase your revenue. Lets say that you dont want to invest to much in marketing and you want to double your growth rate.

But how do we do it?

Here is marketing tip for you to double your revenue.
Understand who is your audience - have you placed Google Analytics your site, have you placed tag on your site? have you placed tag on your site. By placing this tags, you can understand in terms of marketing (or analytics)- what kind of audience.

Let say that you get this kind of audience:
Company SIze: Small
Industry: Telecom
Job Title: Sales Manager
Region: EMEA.

So we know right now our audience and we know that majority of revenue comes from this audience.

Next Step: Buy this audience:
So we found out who is our audience, so next - we need to buy this audience. For Example: You can buy this audience from Linkedin Ads, Bizo Ads or DemandBase. Buying means - showing banner ads- to your potential clients who have the same demographic data as your website.

Doing this, you will invest your $$$ in targeted audience rather than broad audience. Doing this marketing strategy, will cost you 10x cheaper than broad marketing.

What is the difference between targeted marketing and broad marketing?
Targeted Marketing - you target only your potential clients, - example: you want to target "Sales Managers from Retail Industry. You will use thirdparty data providers to show your ads just to those sales manager. This mean 1to1 marketing.

Broad Marketing - broad marketing is the reverse of targeted marketing. Example: in your advertising, you're banner will show to 95% to students and 5% to Sales Managers. This means that your CPL will cost 200$ with Broad Marketing - but - with Targeted Marketing will cost 20$.

Hope this will help you.

Back in the days, was easy to create a platform and have engagement - BUT TODAY - there are hundreds of social platforms but none of them work - and the reason is that technology is evolving - everything is evolving around us - so this means that a Marketer needs to think twice before creating a platform.

At this time, platforms that only talk (WebhostingTalk,stackexchange) will decrease in engagement and majority of users - will go to Platforms that have an application+talk.

WebHostingTalk - here users only talk and slowly - this page is dying. The same content you find on on WHT - you can find everywhere else - so looking from the ROI prespective, a platform such WHT will not work out.

On the other side, - here is platform based on user activity + application. From this platform, i have two types of engagement (Talk + use my software). By using my software, users will start to give questions, faqs, answers - so this way your platform community will grow.
Examples of this kind of platforms are:

So in conclusion - for a platform to have engagement,activity,actions - you have to provide them 2+ of engagement. (Talk, download your application). Combining this two - you will have a strong community platform.
Take example from - they are a great example for anyone who want to create a community platform.

Here is a small marketing tip for you if you want to get quality leads:

Define your Audience: Who is your audience? What is their job title? Which region?

Lets take for example: I want to target HR manager to sell them my HR Platform:

Here are my plan:
Scrap First/Last Name/Company name from LInkedin.
Scrap HR Database (, monster) for HR Emails.
Extract Profiles ID of all users who liked a HR Application.
Partner with an HR blog to install my Cookie Remarketing.

What you do with all this data?
All the scrapping data which you collected, you will upload it to Adroll, Facebook, Twitter.....
This way, you target all your potential clients. Doing this way, your CPL will cost around 25$ and you will have 300% more revenue.

Old marketing technics don't work, marketing is evolving, so marketing strategies are evolving.

This is just a tip, you will have to research for your self or we can schedule a call and provide more guidance.

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