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An experienced consultant. With expertise in system analysis, project management and website UI/UX design, Can guide any project to the most appropriate, custom web-based solution – with every feature taking into account, both, the client and the end-users’ needs. An elite developer with vast experience, ranging from simple websites to complex web applications and even as far as offline software. Excels in strong critical thinking, problem solving and time management with proven success at handling multiple responsibilities in high-pressure environments. Always pursuing opportunities which push my skills to new limits. Diversity of experience has given me a wide range of strengths and an ability to work in a variety of environments.

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This might be a completely different approach however this could help you in the long run.
Develop a simple mobile application for your vendors who would refer customers to you .

1. Customer visits the kiosk , sales person refers and inputs customer info
2. The application sends out digital business card to customers
3. When customers need your service their contact info is already in your system and the referrer gets commission.
4. Every time a vendor enters customer info on the application it updates the database that you can access through a admin portal.

In a way you can also use customer info to send out any future coupons , ads etc to potential customers.

Go with a very basic application so your investment is low and later improve the application based on the ROI

There are other approaches to this as well however if you are up for a little investment this may turn out to be helpful.

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